Why did the United Nations Security Council vote to condemn the
Israelis for excessive violence without even mentioning the provocative
acts of violence committed by the Palestinians?

And why did the United States fail to veto such a partisan and
unbalanced U.N. resolution? This is particularly puzzling, given the
Clinton-Gore administration’s firsthand knowledge that Israel Prime
Minister Ehud Barak had gone further than anybody ever dreamed in making
significant concessions to Yasser Arafat, only to see them summarily

It was Arafat who chose to resolve the crisis in the streets rather
than through diplomacy. And yet, the United States pulled the rug out
from under the Israelis at a critical moment when they truly needed and
deserved support.

A direct answer to these questions has been studiously avoided by the
media and leaders in the White House. The answer is simple. It is this:
the Arab nations once again have the nations of the western world,
including America, over an oil barrel.

The explanation is given that we threw Israel overboard so we could
remain a neutral broker in the “peace process.” This is a story
concocted to cover the harsh truth that we have made ourselves
increasingly vulnerable to blackmail. We are finally reaping the
whirlwind for allowing environmental extremists to dictate our energy
policy. It is a policy which has discouraged the building of new
refineries, forbidden oil exploration, and imposed heavy regulations and
mandates on production processes.

Today, crude oil prices are surging to all-time highs, general
inventories are thin, heating oil inventories are 51 percent lower than
at this time last year, and refineries can’t meet demands. Our
vulnerability is such that our archenemy Saddam Hussein, could, with a
single command, stop Iraq’s production of 3 million barrels a day and
throw the American economy and the stock market into a tailspin.

Even if the current situation does not degrade along worst-case
lines, the future of Israel hangs precariously in the balance. Even now,
America’s erstwhile best friend in the Middle East is essentially alone
and isolated. Many of those who would help, dare not. And there is an
awful calculation under way in the inner sanctums of major governments.
Some diplomat, even now, possibly one in the White House, is saying, “We
could get rid of our fear of an oil embargo and we could greatly
minimize the possibility of more attacks and deaths caused by
terrorists. All we have to do is give up Israel.”

The so-called Middle East “peace process” was ill-conceived from the
start. The Clinton-Gore team sent political operatives to Israel to help
engineer the election of the accommodating Ehud Barak as Prime Minister,
replacing the tough-minded Benjamin Netanyahu. This cleared the way for
Clinton’s peace-at-any-cost process, which eventually meant Barak
conceding everything and Arafat conceding nothing.

There was a time when America had a policy of not negotiating with
terrorists. The Clinton-Gore tandem brought a career terrorist into
high-level negotiations and treated him like a statesman. Arafat, Saddam
Hussein, the Palestinians, and terrorists everywhere, including those in
Yemen, viewed every concession as a sign of weakness. Their current
aggressiveness and intractability stem from their perception that the
enemy does not have the will to win or the resolve to endure.

A backlash is under way. Co-president Hillary was booed off the stage
at a huge pro-Israel rally in New York. Other speakers were more
favorably received, including Gov. George Pataki, Mayor Rudolph
Giuliani, senatorial candidate Rick Lazio and Jerusalem Mayor Ehud

Meanwhile, Gore is desperately trying to straddle the unstraddleable
gulf developing between American Arabs and Jews. He has brought aboard
James Zogby, a fervent, Arab-American activist, to serve as a senior
adviser to his campaign. And, for good measure, he is keeping
vice-presidential candidate Joe Lieberman out of sight.

Hillary and Gore are afraid that before the election, a politically
ruinous truth will seep into the American psyche. It is the truth that
their implementation of crazy environmental policies, their emaciation
of America’s military strength, their transfer of military secrets and
technology to potential enemies, their plunder of strategic oil
reserves, and their diplomatic incompetence have made America and Israel
vulnerable to enemies who would throw a party and do a river dance on
their graves.

The good news is this: Help is on the way! Expected time of arrival:
Nov. 7, 2000.

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