The Christian Coalition has issued their traditional pre-election
voter guides, encouraging people to take into consideration the views of
Al Gore and George W. Bush on education, abortion, school vouchers and
other issues, prior to voting in November. The voter guides present the
voting records of candidates and incumbents across the nation so that
voters can be informed on the key issues when they go to the polls.

However, Americans United for Church and State — a group that
frequently persecutes and harasses conservative religious groups and
persons — and a leftist religious group known as the Interfaith
Alliance (organized and funded by the Democratic National Committee in
its early days) have condemned the distribution of the voter guides,
saying their circulation in churches crosses the boundaries of the
so-called separation of church and state.

As I asked in last week’s column, where were these organizations when
Al Gore recently urged several black pastors to advise their members to
vote for him in November? The leaders of these organizations had their
collective heads buried in the sand — ignoring Mr. Gore’s blatant legal
foul — because they have no trouble with Democrats getting cozy with
liberal pastors.

The Interfaith Alliance of Florida, in a letter dated Oct. 4th, urged
clergy and religious leaders not to utilize the Christian Coalition
voter guides in their churches.

“Churches and synagogues are tax-exempt under section 501 (c) (3) of
the Internal Revenue Service Code,” stated the Interfaith Alliance of
Florida, “and are prohibited from participating in any partisan
political activities.” (Tell it to Al Gore.)

The group’s implication is that the voter guides of both the
Christian Coalition and the Catholic Alliance are partisan publications,
claiming they “transparently favor one candidate over others.”

I fail to understand how this is possible when the voter guides
simply convey the policies of the candidates by reporting on their
voting records and stated beliefs. In no way do the voter guides urge
people to vote in a particular way. Maybe the Interfaith Alliance sees
a “vast right-wing conspiracy” hidden in the voter guides, but the
evidence confirms that there is no such dastardly plot within the

Mathew Staver, founder and co-counsel of the Orlando-based Liberty
Counsel, said, “Despite unsupported threats by Americans United for
Separation of Church and State and the Interfaith Alliance, churches may
indeed distribute non-partisan voter guides.”

Staver continued, “The huffing and puffing of these groups are
similar to the wolf attempting to blow down the house. Pastors need not
be terrorized into silence. Pastors may preach church doctrine, and
churches may educate the public regarding the viewpoints of the various
political candidates. Americans United has not been successful in
attempting to revoke any church’s tax-exempt status. Therefore, instead
of a muzzle, pastors and churches should respond to Americans United
with a megaphone!”

It is typical of these groups to use fear tactics in an attempt to
scare pastors from enlightening their parishioners.

I fully agree with Mr. Staver and urge pastors to utilize voter
guides and other pertinent information to ensure that their
congregations are fully informed on the critical issues that will shape
our future.

There is absolutely nothing to fear! And there is absolutely nothing
illegal or dishonest about these voter guides.

In addition, if any church, pastor or person of faith is ever
targeted by Americans United for Separation of Church and State, the
American Civil Liberties Union — or any other like-minded leftist group
— Liberty Counsel offers legal counsel, free of charge! I urge any
pastor or person of faith who comes under attack from one of these
groups to contact Liberty Counsel immediately.

Liberty Counsel is a subsidiary ministry of Jerry Falwell Ministries
and Mat Staver and my son Jerry Falwell, Jr., who serves with Mat as
co-counsel, are actively involved in many cases right now. They have
already won many important religious-freedom cases! I am
personally pleased to have Liberty Counsel as a part of my own ministry.

Here’s how to contact this excellent organization, if you ever need

Liberty Counsel
Post Office Box 540774
Orlando, FL 32854
Phone: (407) 875-2100
Fax: (407) 875-0770

[email protected]

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