The latest Portrait of America tracking poll shows Gov. George W. Bush ahead
with 46 percent of the vote to Vice President Al Gore’s 39 percent… Bush’s
biggest lead since Labor Day.

Conducted by Rasmussen Reseach on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, Oct. 5, 7
and 8, the telephone poll surveyed 2,250 likely voters. Before the first
presidential debate last week, Gore was viewed by 42 percent of the voters
as a political centrist, while 43 percent believed him to be a liberal.
After the debate, however, those numbers shifted. According to POA data,
the vice president is now seen as a centrist by only 38 percent, and 48
percent call him a liberal… a blow to the Democrat, since two-thirds of
Americans view themselves in the political center. POA’s poll has a margin
of error of 2 percent.

Though the POA poll shows Bush with a 7 percent advantage over Gore,’s Battleground poll shows Bush up by only 2 percent… a
statistical tie. From Oct. 2-5, 1000 likely voters were asked whom they
would vote for if the election were held today. Bush was named by 43
percent and Gore by 41 percent. Green Party nominee Ralph Nader is
supported by 4 percent, and the Reform Party’s Pat Buchanan was named by 1
percent. Eleven percent of those who participated in the survey remain
undecided.’s survey is conducted by Democratic pollster Celinda Lake of Lake,
Snell, Perry & Associates and Republican pollster Ed Goeas of the Tarrance
Group. The poll’s margin of error is 3.1 percent.

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