Wouldn’t it be remarkable if the Clinton administration were to leave
a legacy of securing world peace? Wouldn’t it be great if we can all
look back in 20 years and remark on the stunning diplomacy of Madeline
Albright and her contribution to creating an enduring alliance among the
great nations of earth?

We are witnessing history in the making as the greatest peacebrokers
to ever occupy the White House work fervently to bring about a world
accord. They are intent on bringing peace to the Middle East, opening
dialogue with North Korea and embracing communist China not as fellow
travelers, but as fellow human beings. We are all one in our humanity.
It is time to set aside our differences and work toward the common good
for everyone on the planet.

Which would indeed be a tremendous achievement, if only one could be
so certain about the sincerity of everyone else.

While laying down arms and tossing aside grudges is a beautiful
expression of good faith, it holds the potential for being a disastrous
exercise in trust. An intense desire to bring harmony and stability to
any relationship can often obscure reality, typically to the detriment
of one party. If both sides are not equally honest and committed to a
mutual goal, then no matter what kind of agreement is reached, there is
always the danger of it exploding. It’s no secret that everybody wants
to see peace in the Middle East. The problem is that one party believes
the only way peace can be achieved is by annihilating the other party.

Even among the most powerful bonds, serious conflict can arise if the
action of one grossly offends the other.

I can’t help but wonder about the damage that has been done by this
administration over the past eight years. Red flags have been snapping
ever since Clinton announced in 1993 that his first course of action was
to require the military to change its policy regarding their ban on

Do you think for a moment he was concerned with the effect this would
have on our military’s morale, not to mention their discipline? Of
course not. His only concern was advancing the civil rights of a group
he considers oppressed because of a propensity for denatured

In light of this, it’s interesting to note that historically, the
first thing everyone surrenders upon entering the military is their
civil rights. The military does not have time to worry about offending
any soldier, sailor or airman if they want to train them well enough to
ensure their servicemen will not only win in battle, but will actually
survive it. In combat, it’s kill or be killed, and the last thing
anybody is going to consider is the feelings of the person they’re
shooting at. The objective is to stay alive
long enough to win the war.

There are those who believe that the presence of a strong military is
indicative of a fondness for war, and thus a major impediment to peace.
Contrary to this opinion, wars do not erupt because soldiers suddenly
feel a compulsion to fight and kill and take over a nation. They erupt
because their politicians declare it.

So when Clinton began his slow corrosion of our military some seven
or so years ago, he might have viewed it as a vital step toward world
peace. But what he was really doing was illuminating his dangerous
left-leaning assumption that all the people of the world work from a
common empathy. He thinks the greatest obstacle to world peace is the
existence of a powerful military.

As difficult as it is for the average American to comprehend, the
security of our nation is contingent, not on world peace, but on a
strong military. They not only serve to deter marauding countries from
initiating full-scale attacks, but they defend the very essence of our
country’s sovereignty and freedom. A powerful military is the single
most significant protector of every right enjoyed by every citizen of
the United States of America.

In demoralizing and dismantling the military, the Clinton
administration and every politician who followed in lockstep have
displayed not only contempt for the principles upon which our country
was founded, but also a profound ignorance of the traditions and
cultures of foreign countries. In a speech following the attack on the
USS Cole, Clinton condemned the act as one of cowardice. And yet to
Muslim extremists everywhere, the terrorists who died are courageous
heroes who gave all in their fight for Allah.

In their blind pursuit of world peace, Clinton and company have
adhered to an agenda that has effectively destabilized our society,
lessened our values and stripped our defenses. Our prosperity may have
draped a veil over our apathy, but you can be certain that all eyes of
the world are riveted on our nation, and few of them are reflecting
admiration or respect.

Some reflect envy, others hatred, and an alarming number see nothing
but opportunity.

Americans have always been a people of great humanity, but in a zeal
for sensitivity, masses have been conditioned to believe that people
everywhere are inherently good, that evil can be eradicated by
opportunity, and that all nations have the capacity and willingness to
reach the astounding heights we have.

In our softness we have assumed that those hands reaching out from
other nations are gestures of friendship and we fail to see ones that
are curling up and giving us the finger.

So while Meddlin’ Albright has been having tea with the North
Koreans, and Clinton plans his visit to North Vietnam, and the Chinese
continue to build their strategic ports in neighboring waters as their
high-ranking military officials frequent our military bases, it would be
prudent to keep one thing in mind.

When it comes to military readiness, even the angels carry swords.

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