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When the career KGB officer, Vladimir Putin, was elected president of
Russia last March 26, some curious polling figures emerged. Putin had
supposedly won more than 50 percent of the vote in Chechnya, despite his
responsibility for the wholesale destruction of that territory. Some
observers asked how a majority of Chechens could vote for Putin, with
their sons slaughtered and their homes destroyed or looted by Russian

But now we know the dirty details of Russia’s last presidential
election. We know that ballots were burnt, votes miscounted and voters
bullied. According to The Moscow Times, there is strong evidence that
Putin did not win the Russian presidency at all. It seems that the
election was an outrageous example of wholesale fraud.

In the March 26 presidential vote Putin won 52.94 percent. According
to the journalists at The Moscow Times, the fraud in this percentage
“was far from insignificant.” It is said that over 2 million votes were
stolen from opposition candidates, and 1.3 million votes were added to
Putin’s total.

In order to augment Putin’s tally, nonexistent Russian citizens with
imaginary addresses were added to the voting lists. Children were also
counted as pro-Putin voters. Even worse, bosses and managers bullied
workers with threats of termination if they didn’t vote for Putin.
There was even a pro-Putin votes-for-Vodka operation in Novosibirsk. To
decrease the rival vote count, millions of Communist ballots were burnt,
only proving to the Russian people that Communists are the honest
victims of “democrats” and “liberals” like Putin, who are nothing but
criminals supported by Western capitalist “exploiters.”

Many Russians, after this fiasco, desire to see a return to the “good
old days” of the Soviet Union. On July 23, Joe Adamov wrote a piece in
The Moscow Times entitled “Do Russians still yearn for the old system?”
Of course they do, wrote Adamov, because “the average wage earner and
pensioner lived much better.” After all, what does freedom signify if
you’re flat broke and the elections are dishonestly organized?

Few Western observers have caught on to the method in all this
madness. The fraud in Russia is very real, but it has been purposely
“arranged” to discredit Western political values while setting the stage
for renewed (though modified) Soviet values. In this context, we should
consider the possibility that Putin’s fraudulent election is evidence of
something more than garden-variety corruption. In fact, wholesale fraud
by non-Communist political candidates in Russia serves a strategic
purpose, and a close examination of the writings of two Communist bloc
defectors — Jan Sejna and Anatoliy Golitsyn — tells us how.

According to Sejna’s 1982 book, “We Will Bury You,” the goal of
exposing Western-style democracy as fraudulent was openly discussed at
an October 1966 secret Warsaw Pact meeting held in Moscow. There the
overall blueprint of Communism’s long-range strategy was agreed upon by
the Warsaw Pact leaders. Believe it or not, Russia’s strategists
contemplated a future era of “dynamic social change” in Eastern Europe.
This era, they argued, would be used to demoralize the West and
discredit Western-style democracy worldwide.

According to Sejna, Russia’s strategists wanted to smash “petty
bourgeois illusions of liberalism” in Eastern Europe. According to KGB
Major Anatoliy Golitsyn, phony East European democracy would be
organized to confuse and disorient anti-communists across the board.

As we have seen, the Russian people have put their hopes in democracy
and capitalism only to suffer one economic blow after another. The
newly won freedom of the Russians has only brought poverty and hardship,
demonstrating Karl Marx’s theory that the free market system leads to
mass impoverishment while a handful of “oligarchs” get fantastically

The current Russian regime is therefore a melodramatic production,
written and produced by Marxists, with capitalist villains and socialist
heroes. It exemplifies the corrupt Western system of democracy and
capitalism, showing how freedom itself leads to mass suffering. It
simultaneously affirms the principles of Marx and Lenin, quietly urging
a return to Soviet socialism.

According to Sejna, the foreign policy section of Russia’s long-range
plan was broken into four phases. As previously noted, the third phase
was called “The Period of Dynamic Social Change” which was to “smash the
hope of false democracy” and bring about the total demoralization of the
West. During this phase Russia would also begin a policy of false
friendship with the West. According to Sejna, “we planned to receive
the greatest possible economic and technological help from the West, and
at the same time convince the Capitalist countries that they had no need
of military alliances.”

The resources gained from the West, in this phase, would not be used
to benefit the Russian people. Everything would be used to beef up
Russia’s secret military programs.

In order to convince the West of Moscow’s sincerity in this phase of
the plan, which would occur in the 1990s, the Warsaw Pact alliance would
be dissolved. In 1982 Sejna admitted that this future dissolution would
not be spontaneous. Instead, it was a carefully prepared deception
operation. The dissolution of Russia’s East European alliance,
explained Sejna, would not change the security equation in Europe
because of “a web of bilateral defence arrangements, to be supervised by
secret committees of Comecon.”

What is even more alarming, if you study Sejna’s writings, are
repeated hints about a massive economic sabotage operation against the
West. “The Soviet view,” wrote Sejna, “was that during Phase Three
Capitalism would suffer an economic crisis that would bring Europe to
its knees. …”

What would trigger this crisis?

According to Soviet forecasts, wrote Sejna, the “Middle East regimes
would respond to our strategy and, through their oil, give us the
ability to deliver a paralyzing blow to Capitalism.” This would further
the demoralization of the West, so that the people would lose faith in
democratic institutions, preparing the way for socialism.

If the stock market crashed, if the dollar was devaluated, if banks
failed and millions lost their jobs — which political ideology would
gain the most ground? Would it be socialism or free-market capitalism?

If the people of Russia are willing to embrace the hated Communist
system because of present economic hardships, the peoples of Western
Europe and America might also turn to the left — to Marxist solutions.

It is not only in Russia that people’s faith in democracy and
capitalism can be systematically smashed. This can also happen in
America. And perhaps it will happen sooner than anyone expects.

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