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The simmering military crises we are seeing around the world — in
the Taiwan Straits, the Middle East, Korea and the Balkans — are due,
in part, to Clinton’s pathetic presidency. Looking past the supposed
“overthrow” of Slobodan Milosevic, and the phony peace overtures of the
North Korean dictator, there is no genuine peace today in the world’s
leading trouble spots. The all-important Middle East, in fact, is badly
inflamed. Even more ominous, the communists in Beijing and Pyongyang
have been openly preparing for an armed confrontation with the United
States. It is curious
that as Clinton’s days grow shorter the international scene becomes
increasingly dangerous.

Perhaps this is a coincidence. Or maybe not.

Clinton’s leadership has produced a series of national security
scandals, including a calculated non-response to Chinese spying in our
nuclear labs and the systematic weakening of our military’s logistical
infrastructure. Add to this a provocative NATO intervention in the
Balkans that went against the alliance’s charter, even as it angered the
Russian people. It is important to emphasize that Clinton’s Balkans
campaign, which included the inexplicable bombing of the Chinese Embassy
in Belgrade, empowered Kremlin hardliners and China’s war party by
demonstrating the correctness of Cold War communist propaganda.

Clinton’s every move has helped to strengthen the old “Soviet types”
within Russia, even as he helped the communist Chinese who were, through
the Bank of China, eager to return the favor in 1996 with a cash bribe.
As Chinese Gen. Ji Shengde told Johnny Chung at the time, “We like your
president, we want to see him re-elected.”

Does that set off alarm bells for you, as it does for me?

Vice President Al Gore has never criticized Clinton’s quid pro quo
with the commies. How could he? Not only did Gore’s family take money
from a Kremlin agent, the late Armand Hammer, but there is the 1996
Buddhist temple incident involving Gore and Chinese agent Maria Hsia.
Think of how sweet all this must have been for Moscow and Beijing.

We should understand, without any doubt, that passing cash to U.S.
politicians is always done with calculation. This is true whether the
money comes from an ordinary citizen or a foreign power. But with a
foreign power there is another dynamic at work. Such contributions,
however small they might be, compromise the political weaklings who take

The American people have yet to learn their political ABCs in this
regard. Most Americans believe America is a strong country, with an
excellent international position. But how can our country be strong
when our leaders are so weak, and the voters cannot tell a patriot from
a scoundrel?

In late September there was a chilling comment from Mikhail Gorbachev
which every American should memorize. He was speaking at a meeting of
the Gorbachev Foundation, bragging about Russia’s bright diplomatic
future. According to the Moscow Times Gorbachev openly boasted that
America was now boxed into a corner, saying: “If the United States
thwarts Russia, an anti-American alliance backed by 90 percent of the
Earth’s population could be formed. If China, India and Russia arise
together, no one will be able to stop them. The West,” he added with
apparent relish, “cannot even deal with Kosovo.”

Thank you, Mr. Clinton. And thanks, as well, to Vice President Al

We have yet to realize how important it is for Moscow and Beijing to
have such pet creatures in the White House. The enemies of America
never had such a free romp! But that romp might be coming to an end.
The thugs who rule China and Russia are deeply concerned about the
upcoming presidential vote in the U.S. If Gore does not win a third
term there will be serious consternation in Moscow and Beijing.

So what are Russia and China to do?

Consider a fascinating piece that appeared in the Washington Times on
Tuesday, by Steven Mufson, entitled “The Pyongyang Albright Didn’t
See.” Mufson mentions a surgeon, Norbert Vollertsen, who was recently
working with North Korean hospitals. According to Vollertsen, the
North Korean countryside is littered with hundreds of thousands of North
Korean troops who are described as “waiting, waiting.” Vollertsen
wonders what they are waiting for.

You don’t mobilize 1.2 million men because there’s a zero chance of

In China, which is allied to North Korea, we find a more explicit,
more overt statement of the underlying threat. Last week a
government-run Chinese
newsmagazine which is published by the PRC State Council — the Beijing
Review — said that George W. Bush’s China policy “would produce grave
results if he won the election. …”

In fact, the magazine said that if George W. Bush won the White House
“war would be inevitable.”

Always more subtle, the Russians are showing their concern in a
different way. Yesterday

WorldNetDaily published a story by Charles
Thompson and Tony
which revealed that Russia is attempting “to dig up the same kind of dirt on George W. Bush and his aides that they have apparently used to influence President Bill Clinton and Vice President Al Gore. …”

The Russians love their White House advantages. Therefore, they are desperately casting about for a way to retain the levers of control they’ve enjoyed for the last eight years. Americans need to understand how dangerous all this can be. They have to understand that we are talking about a nuclear superpower playing a very treacherous, underhanded game. If we don’t wake up soon and straighten up our act — in Washington and elsewhere — we may not be able to hold on to our prosperity or our status as a superpower.

The American people did a stupid thing by electing Bill Clinton in 1992. Now we’re looking at powerful international interests who are heavily invested in a Gore victory at the polls. We are looking at longtime Kremlin allies, like Yasser Arafat, stirring up trouble in the Middle East as our elections grow closer. We are looking at 1.2 million North Korea troops poised for an offensive and the largest Chinese military exercises since 1964.

As Clinton’s days grow shorter, as Al Gore slips in the polls, it might be no coincidence if the world edges a little closer to war.

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