You may wonder why Al Gore wants to be president. After all, the Clinton-Gore people, who have been running the government of our sovereign nation-state for the past eight years, came to power convinced that the sovereign nation-state is rapidly going extinct. Whereas you may have considered the end of the Cold War to be a victory for the United States, they considered the disintegration of the Soviet Union to be, simply, the wave of the future. For Al Gore and the globalists, all sovereign nation-states are destined to disintegrate.

The globalists are wrong, of course, and they are particularly wrong if they think the disintegration of the Soviet Union means that a Russian nation-state will similarly disintegrate. After all, what we call World War II was known in the Soviet Union as The Great Patriotic War. That is, it wasn’t communism that defeated Hitler, it was Mother Russia. It’s hard for the globalists to believe that there may still be men and women on this planet that will fight and, if necessary, die for their country. They don’t think national sovereignty means much to anyone, anymore, even in the United States.

Look at what globalist Clinton has already done. Invoking the mantle of the United Nations, he has bombed, unmercifully, without provocation, the sovereign nation-state of Iraq. Invoking the mantle of NATO, he has bombed, unmercifully, without provocation, the sovereign nation-state of Yugoslavia. Invoking the U.N. mantle he has intervened or threatened to intervene, militarily, in the internal affairs of countries all over the globe.

Clinton has decreed that the United States will submit to the terms of the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty — administered by the United Nations — even though the Senate has refused to ratify it. He has decreed that the United States will submit to the Kyoto Global Warming Protocols — administered by the United Nations — even though the Senate has refused to even consider ratifying them.

In every instance cited above, and in many more, Clinton has unconstitutionally and unconditionally surrendered U.S. national sovereignty. And who can doubt that a president Gore will do worse. Let’s look at what Gore has already done.

The House Republicans have just issued a weighty tome entitled “Russia’s Road to Corruption.” It is basically a 200 page well-deserved indictment of the Gore-Chernomyrdin Commission, which was set up by Presidents Clinton and Yeltsin in early 1993.

Clinton turned over to Gore — without congressional authorization — all the many-billion dollar programs Congress had provided for in the Freedom Support Act of 1992 to assist the emerging states of the Soviet Union convert to market oriented economies.

Almost immediately, Gore and Chernomyrdin began to operate like oligarchs — which is a fancy way of saying they acted like they owned the place. Nothing that they did had any effective legislative branch oversight nor was anything done through the regular executive agency channels, where there are interagency cross-checks and balances.

In particular, there was never a congressional budget submission for the Gore-Chernomyrdin Commission. There were never any congressional hearings on what the commission was doing. No testimony by Gore to Congress on what he was doing. No accountability whatsoever.

If Gore wanted the International Monetary Fund to “loan” his old buddy Chernomyrdin a few billion dollars, supposedly for Gazprom, the largest producer of natural gas in the whole world, he would beat on the IMF until they did. Of course, oligarch Chernomyrdin essentially owned Gazprom, and where the IMF “loan” actually wound up is anybody’s guess. Certainly no one ever told the Russian Duma where all that money went. They were as much in the dark as was our Congress.

According to the House Report, the U.S. Intelligence Community officially warned Gore more than a hundred times that the people in whom he was placing all his trust, including Chernomyrdin, were corrupt. On at least one occasion Prince Albert, himself, wrote rude things in the margins of their official warning before returning it.

Since all U.S. programs affecting Russia were being personally handled by Gore and Chernomyrdin, which essentially meant that Russia and the United States were not really dealing with each other as nation-states, as had been the case throughout the Cold War. But that was fine with Global Al. Nation-states were obsolete, anyway.

But then in 1998 the Russian roof fell in. And with it, the ruble. There was an almost complete economic collapse in Russia. Where had the more than $20 billion in direct U.S. assistance — and billions more of international “loans” — gone? A lot of it wound up in offshore bank accounts, some of it laundered through U.S. banks. Much of the rest went down Russian ratholes. Russians who had been gullible enough to invest in “privatized” government entities lost their shirts. Eventually the Russians threw most of the oligarchs out. First Gore’s fellow oligarch, Chernomyrdin, and then Clinton’s buddy-roo, Boris Yeltsin, departed the scene. Suddenly Clinton and Gore had no one to play with.

Enter Vladimir Putin to be the new president, to start building anew the Russian nation-state. If Clinton thought he had a deal with Yeltsin over the Alaskan ABM system, he soon found out he didn’t have one with Putin. Likewise with NATO aggression against Yugoslavia. Likewise with no-fly zones over Iraq. Likewise with Russian arms sales to China and Iran.

The new Russian government issued Foreign Policy Concept 2000, which was approved by Putin. It basically disavowed the Foreign Policy Concept 1993 approved by Yeltsin, which had placed so much reliance on relations with the United States, Clinton and Gore. Instead the Concept 2000 lists as a major “threat” the growing “economic and power domination of the United States.” It is no longer the United States that has, as Clinton claims, a “strategic partnership” with the PRC. Rather, it is Russia that now has such a partnership with the PRC, and that strategy is directed against the United States.

Quoting from the House Report: “If Russia is not yet ‘lost,’ it is indisputably more unstable, more corrupt, more lawless, and vastly more hostile to the United States than it was when President Clinton and Vice-President Gore took office.”

Vastly more hostile? A nation-state that possesses by far the greatest nuke arsenal in the world? That possesses a military-technology and manufacturing base second only to the United States? That possesses a huge well-educated population? Possesses vast natural resources, including more than a third of the world’s proven natural gas reserves? One of the top crude oil producers and the largest producer of natural gas?

Clinton had also turned over — without congressional authorization — to Gore-Chernomyrdin the Nunn-Lugar programs (which were promptly subverted) that were intended to assist, financially and technically, the Russians in preventing the proliferation of their nukes, nuke materials, technologies and technologists. As has been noted in these

WorldNetDaily columns,
it is nothing short of miraculous that there has not already been a terrorist use, somewhere, of a Russian “loose nuke.”

Despite the refusal of the Clinton-Gore administration to help them do it, Russia is now poised to transform its excess nuke materials into nuclear power, to provide an energy hungry Third World what it needs, but will not be allowed to have under Gore’s Kyoto Global Warming Protocols. To have such a nation-state vastly more hostile to us than it was when Clinton and Gore took office?

Quoting again from the House Report: “Because of Russia’s current and future importance, the consequences of this (Clinton-Gore) failure are difficult to overstate. They almost certainly exceed the consequences of the American defeat in Vietnam, and the fall of the pro-American government in Iran. To find a foreign policy failure of comparable scope and significance, it would be necessary to imagine that after eight years of American effort and billions of dollars of Marshall Plan aid, public opinion in Western Europe had become solidly anti-American, and Western European governments were vigorously collaborating in a ‘strategic partnership’ directed against the United States.”

So, why do you want to be president, Al? Haven’t you done enough?

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