Political candidates love to ask voters if they are better off today
than they were four years ago. It’s an excellent question because if
forces voters to grade a politician’s job performance. If voters spend
the time to look at a politician’s record, their vote should reflect
whether they should reward the incumbent with reelection or kick them
out of office.

Al Gore has been Bill Clinton’s right-hand-man for the past eight
years. So it is only fair that we ask the same question about his
stewardship of America.

Foreign Policy: Bill Clinton savaged President Bush for
spending too much time worrying about foreign policy and too little time
worrying about domestic issues. Remember those attacks occurred just
one year after the end of the Gulf War?

The Middle East, after years of Clinton-Gore “diplomacy,” and tens of
billions of U.S. tax dollars, is on the verge of war. They have
murdered American sailors in cold blood and the terrorists who bombed
our embassies in Kenya and Tanzania are still free. North Korea now can
hit the United States with nuclear warheads, but Al says we don’t need a
missile shield. And in spite of an illegal war against Yugoslavia, it
was the people, not the bombs, that threw out Milosevic.

Is America safer today than it was eight years ago?

Military Preparedness: We pay tens of thousands of our full
time military personnel so little that they have to get food stamps to
make ends meet. Thousands of reservists are quitting because they don’t
want to take anthrax vaccines that are unproven and potentially
dangerous. The Air Force can no longer fly all of its planes because
our pilots, who cost a million dollars to train, are leaving the Air
Force in disgust. They are sick and tired of the insane tempo of
operations and the lack of proper training.

Far too many of our tanks, ships, planes and other military equipment
cannot be used because the Clinton-Gore administration hasn’t allocated
sufficient funds to repair them. We have soldiers, sailors and air
force personnel who cannot do their best job if their equipment was
working because the Clinton-Gore administration hasn’t allocated
sufficient funds to give our people the regular training with real
weapons and real ammunition that they need.

Is our military better equipped, better trained and better paid today
than it was eight years ago?

The Economy: Remember that obscene slogan, “it’s the economy,
stupid?” Al and Bill sneaked into the White House in 1992 by arguing
that the economy was in bad shape. After eight years of their
leadership, where are we today?

Economic growth is slowing. The stock market is imploding. The New
Economy that Al Gore claimed he created is cratering. Natural gas
prices have doubled. Ditto for gasoline prices. And while Americans
are making more than they ever have in the past, they are also saving
less than they ever had in the past.

Can anyone honestly say that our economy is better off today than it
was eight years ago?

Consumer Protection: Democrats claim that they care more
about the consumer than Republicans. So let’s look at their record in
this area also.

Millions of travelers have experienced unprecedented delays in our
airports. Our air traffic control system is so antiquated that some FAA
computers are older than the pilots flying jet airplanes. Americans and
foreigners have been killed and injured because the Clinton-Gore
administration didn’t read the various reports that it collected about
SUV accidents and tire failures. A gasoline additive that the
Clinton-Gore administration insisted on has now created a national water
pollution crisis.

Do you feel that your government is doing a better job of protecting
your safety today than it did eight years ago?

Honor and Decency: Bill Clinton promised, in 1992, that his
would be the most ethical administration in the history of the United
States. Two years ago, Janet Reno had appointed more special
prosecutors to investigate the Clinton-Gore administration than any
other attorney general in America’s history.

Do our children have a better sense of what is right after eight
years of Clinton-Gore? Do the people of the world want to emulate our
values after eight years of Clinton-Gore? Would you want your daughter
to spend a night in the White House while Bill Clinton is its resident?
Remember, Al Gore called Bill Clinton the greatest president in our
lifetime on the day the House impeached Bill.

I could go on for a few more pages, but by now the picture should be
clear. We are not better off today and things are going to hell in a
hand basket as you read these words. Al Gore can say what he wants and
make up new facts, but the harsh, cold reality is this.

Our tomorrow will not be brighter if we reward the failed
Clinton-Gore team with four more years.

The next four years will be tough for all of us. Our next president
will face international, domestic and economic challenges that will
require real leadership and an ability to make hard decisions that
protect America’s vital national security interests.

Nothing that Al Gore has done warrants making him the most powerful
public leader in the world.

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