A recent article in Charisma Magazine referred to a support network
for “Christians struggling with pedophilia.” Talk about a contradiction
of terms: this is it! I realize we have experienced a major repudiation
of traditional word definition, but this is getting ridiculous!

I shouldn’t be surprised, however. After all, we now have homosexual
and lesbian “churches.” Wiccans open our governmental meetings in prayer
these days and also have recognized “church” services on military
installations. We even find that there are worship services conducted
for dogs and monkeys and such.

I suppose that soon there will be “churches” for adulterers, bank
robbers and other “struggling Christians.” Can we next expect communists
to be granted Christian categorization? You bet! I recently heard Paul
Crouch say that “Jesus was a Communist” and that “the early church
practiced communism.” (It makes one wonder why all those poor believers
in communist countries are enduring such egregious persecution, doesn’t
it?) And surely we can expect a First Church of Prevarication to open
soon. (When it does, I’m sure Bill Clinton and Al Gore will be charter

All of this is in stark contrast to orthodox Christian teaching.
Christians have always believed and taught that genuine faith was
dependent upon genuine repentance, which produced genuine conversion.
The “good news” is that all sinners have an equal opportunity to receive
and cleansing at the foot of the cross. It never meant that God was
obligated to accept men in a state of sinful rebellion. Today, people
insist that God accept them, sin and all. It won’t happen.

This is, in fact, what lies at the heart of many of our nation’s
problems today. Pedophiles, homosexuals, serial adulterers and other
deviants are angry that God refuses to accept their sinful lifestyles.
Rather than accept God’s remedy (repentance), they seek to force society
to accept their sinful ways. All this talk about “alternate lifestyles,”
etc. is merely an attempt to coerce society into normalizing abnormality
and legitimizing illegitimacy.

As I said in a previous column, pedophiles are the next ones to
demand acceptance. Already, we see college professors, psychiatrists,
and “Christian” ministers offering them cover. As we speak, the ACLU is
defending NAMBLA (North American Man Boy Love Association) in court. In
another 20 or 30 years, pedophilia will be as socially acceptable and
politically protected as homosexuality is today.

It seems to me that it is past time for Christian ministers to begin
preaching (and practicing) some “tough love.” If every evangelical
preacher in the country would stand up on their hind legs and every
Sunday proclaim the truth to their congregations we could have national
revival (the
national media notwithstanding)! Like our political leaders, however,
our religious leaders (on the whole) don’t have the guts to do it.
Therefore, “Christian boylovers” appear to be the wave of the future.

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