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WND, SportsTerminal.com form alliance

the Internet’s newest and hottest personalized sports web portal, is WorldNetDaily’s new strategic partner in providing content for

WND’s Editor and Chief Executive Officer Joseph Farah announced today.

SportsTerminal.com was designed to take advantage of the wealth of sports information already available on the Internet and present it in a way that allowed fans to control all information relating to their favorite sports subjects, according to Norb Svanascini, chief executive officer of the company. With 127 different sports categories and over 70,000 links in its database, SportsTerminal.com has created a simple, personalized functionality so that any individual with basic computer skills can access and use the site in the most efficient manner possible. And now it can all be done with one click of the mouse from WorldNetDaily.com.

“I sought out the SportsTerminal.com team for this partnership because that’s where I was getting my sports information,” explained Farah. “It simply didn’t seem fair not to share this precious resource with our readers.”

The new co-branded WND/SportsTerminal.com site provides live up-to-the-minute news, scores, injury reports and game lines while simultaneously creating interactive functionality for searching, message/ticket posting, fantasy games and merchandising capabilities.

How does it work? SportsTerminal.com was created by AmericanEagle.com and uses a four-step personalization process for users to link up to their customized sports category structure and converted streaming data technology by parsing a raw, live sports feed for up-to-the-second news and scores. ASP programming was utilized to create the individual user content while Dynamic HTML added to SportsTerminal.com’s organizational capability by creating box tabs under the top eight sports categories.

In a few short months since debuting on the Internet and through its advertising on the

Rush Limbaugh
radio program, Sportsterminal.com is one of the fastest growing sports communities on the Internet and has ushered in a new era of sports personalization.

The information users provide for customization on the site will not be misused or sold. SportsTerminal not only personalizes your content, but also targets the advertising you receive. Instead of being bombarded with useless ads, this approach allows the company to provide the consumer with only news of the latest products and services that will be of interest, according to your stated preferences.

SportsTerminal’s patented “Fantasy Tracker” will help you perform in your fantasy sports league. This is a new and innovative way to track the performance of your players and any other players you want. Create as many teams with as many player combinations as you want. With a system that allows you to personalize the statistics to determine how a player performs in your league, Fantasy Tracker is your tool for making the fantasy playoffs.

SportsTerminal is also the place to buy and sell tickets to your favorite sporting events. The “posting” method allows users to post the specifics about games and events. Sellers can list their tickets down to the individual team while ticket buyers are given the contact e-mail and phone number to purchase. Buyers can make a posting to find tickets to sporting events as well.

You can also post messages and get feedback from fellow fans through our SportsTerminal’s “Message Boards.”

“SportsTerminal.com was conceptualized by a very rare combination of individuals within the Internet industry, people who love both the Internet and sports,” explained Farah. “Instead of controlling what you should see or hear, as is common with TV and radio, the idea behind SportsTerminal.com is that you make the choices.”