This is addressed to those of you who are planning on voting for
Patrick Buchanan, Howard Phillips or Harry Browne tomorrow.

President Al Gore. How does that sound to you?

Don’t like it? Then vote for Bush.

This presidential race is so important — Charlton Heston calls it
the most critical election since the Civil War — and yet so incredibly
close — a virtual dead heat — that your vote might just decide who
will be president.

And it won’t be Buchanan, Phillips or Browne.

Don’t get me wrong. These, along with Alan Keyes (who won’t be on the
ballot), are wonderful, inspiring, worthy candidates. They’re just not
in this race.

And as singer Steve Vaus explained so eloquently, you and I don’t
have the luxury of

“sending a message,”
or “laying the groundwork for the next election cycle,” without also — just possibly — being responsible for electing Gore.

Want to lay the groundwork for the Libertarian Party or the Reform or Constitution or Green or other party for the next election in 2004? Then start by making sure we have a free country in four years by keeping Gore out of the Oval Office now.

Bottom line: There is only one justification for a person of conscience voting tomorrow for Buchanan, Phillips or Browne. And that is, if you truly believe that Bush is no better than Gore.

If, in your heart of hearts, you really believe Bush and Gore are the same, then vote for Buchanan, Phillips or Browne.

The problem with that, however, is that Bush and Gore are not the same. Not by a mile.

Who is Al Gore? Well, he has been the No. 2 man in what is universally regarded as the most corrupt presidential administration in American history. He has deep familial and financial ties to America’s two most formidable enemies — Russia and China. He is self-evidently a pathological liar, like Bill Clinton. He is a radical environmentalist who in

his own
— and he recently affirmed that he stands by every word of it — calls for higher fuel taxes and the elimination of the internal combustion engine. His father was the paid lackey of a notorious Soviet operative, Armand Hammer.

And what about Bush? He has feet of clay, like you and I. His record isn’t perfect and he has his own skeletons, though his politics, worldview and humanity are much closer to that of most Americans — what is often described as “slightly right of center” — than Gore’s radical agenda. He’s for smaller government, tax cuts, local control, less regulation and so on.

But you see, there’s more.

The real difference between Bush and Gore is that Bush clearly has held onto his soul. He is wired like a normal person. If you had him over for dinner, you could have a normal conversation, you could tell him what you think about things, and he would converse with you in a thoughtful way. Just like if you had your neighbor over.

Gore, on the other hand, traded his soul in long ago. For what, you ask. And how do I know?

Your soul and my soul are sort of a connecting point between our mind and the mind of God. Our conscience — that’s what we call the everyday voice of God in us — tries to keep our thoughts and actions aligned with higher principles of right and wrong. That’s what keeps us safe in this life — our conscience.

And where is Al Gore’s conscience? How can a person “reinvent” himself every few weeks in response to the urgings of advisers or the results of focus group sessions? How does Gore manage to change identities so deftly — like the liquid-metal T-1000 terminator in the film, “Terminator II: Judgment Day”? That high-tech chameleon-like hit man was able to morph into any form it wished. This can only be done by a soulless creature, unfettered by the inhibitions and restrictions imposed by conscience.

Gore is the T-1000, able to transform himself into radically different personas — and for what? For the terminator, his abilities served his purpose of finding his quarry and killing it. For Gore, his morphing ability serves his all-consuming ambition to become president of the United States — at any cost.

Think about this. If you give yourself totally over to an ambition — a goal — to the point that literally nothing else matters, then all other values in life are rearranged in your mind to serve the attainment of that goal. Lying becomes OK. Undermining your country’s national security is OK. Betraying the trust of millions is OK. The mind of a person that ambitious is completely reprogrammed, you see. It doesn’t function like your mind or my mind.

Gore has been reprogrammed, and not necessarily by communist brainwashers, like the Manchurian candidate — although with Gore’s background you never know. But the real reprogramming of his mind has been by his own hand. His all-consuming lust for power has made him a pathetically weak, unprincipled, lying, malleable vacuum-man.

And what will fill that vacuum when he becomes president? He will be progressively “reinvented” — again and again — to suit the needs of the day. But none of it will be based on principle or the Constitution.

If you could see all the repercussions of the Clinton-Gore administration, if all at once, in the twinkling of an eye, you could truly see the destruction of America’s culture it has wrought — the multitude of ruined lives, the deaths both here and abroad, the deadening of the souls of millions of young people — it would kill some of you. That’s right, if you could experience the totality of the horror — much of which will continue, sickeningly, to play itself out years from now — it would be enough to stop some hearts from beating.

As WorldNetDaily has reported, many U.S. soldiers — who risk their lives for your freedom and mine —

will not be allowed to vote for
their next commander in chief,
because the absentee ballots for some mysterious reason didn’t get to them in time. Even the soldiers on the USS Cole, attacked by terrorists recently, will not be allowed to choose their next leader. But if they could vote, most of them would vote for Bush.

They’d vote for Bush for the same reason that former Marine Corps Commandant Gen.

Charles C. Krulak, one of the most respected and
outspoken military men of our era, has become co-chairman of Veterans
for Bush.

They’d vote for Bush because tomorrow offers a clear-cut choice between good and evil, between a commander in chief they can respect and one they could not respect, between a decent human being and a soulless shell.

They can’t vote, but you can. And when you do, please choose the better man.

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