“The manual vote recounts being insisted on by Democratic operatives
in Palm Beach County, Fla., have been used for over 20 years to steal
elections from Republicans, claim several GOP veterans of hand-recount

When WorldNetDaily posted this exclusive news story last weekend

(“How Democrats steal
— wherein three California Republicans described the techniques they had personally witnessed Democrat operatives use to alter ballots and “steal elections” — we received lots of e-mail castigating us for even suggesting such a thing could be happening in Florida. After all, video cameras and bipartisan observers — indeed, the eyes of the whole world — were focused on this all-important recount. Surely such transparency would prevent a repeat of the crude backroom tactics of yesteryear.

What sorts of tactics?

  • A favorite one, said former California Assemblyman Pat Nolan, is to ask election officials for ballots, “allegedly so they can look at it more closely.” When operatives do, often they will bend or crinkle ballots covertly in an effort to break another chad loose and thus have the ballot thrown out, he told WND.

  • Bob Haueter, chief of staff to the California Assembly Republican Caucus, told WND how Democrat attorney Tim Downs told him, “I’ve taken several seats from you across the United States,” and “You get me within 100 votes and I can steal any election.” The Democrats’ strategy, Haueter and Nolan told WorldNetDaily, was to handle them as often as possible — perhaps bending, crinkling or otherwise altering them — so that additional chads become displaced, thereby disqualifying the ballot.

  • Los Angeles-area political strategist

    Arnold Steinberg
    “Do you know what two words will determine the Presidential election? Hanging chads.”

    Recalling a 1980 election that went to a hand recount, Steinberg said, “What my lawyers soon discovered was that the opposition would eyeball a disputed ballot before picking it up to officially inspect it. If the hanging chad indicated a vote for Fiedler [Steinberg’s client, the Republican candidate], the lawyer for the other side picked up the ballot ever so carefully, so he could argue that the voter really never intended to vote for Fiedler. If the hanging chad was a Corman vote [the incumbent Democrat], the lawyer picked up the ballot quite vigorously, so that the chad soon was no longer hanging.

    “‘You see,’ their guy would declare, ‘that voter obviously intended to vote for Corman,'” said Steinberg.

    “This whole process sounds like exactly what is going on in Florida,” Nolan told WorldNetDaily.

    Well guess what? Seems like the massive scrutiny we all assume has been attending the Florida ballot recount process has had some, uh, holes in it.


    reported in yesterday’s Washington Times,
    “Five observers to Saturday’s hand count in Palm Beach County have filed affidavits in federal court charging that a Democratic county commissioner manipulated ballots so Al Gore would receive more votes than George W. Bush.”

    It seems Carol Roberts, part of the three-member elections canvassing board, has itchy fingers when it comes to manually examining ballots. Considered a rabid Gore partisan — earlier in the week she said she would go to jail if necessary to have the manual recount accomplished — Roberts stands accused of having “twisted the ballots and poked her finger directly in sections of, and aggressively handled, the ballots.”

    In his sworn statement, elections observer John Grotta said that Roberts looked at a ballot that would have been a vote for Vice President Gore and said, “Unfortunately, the corners [of the chad] aren’t detached,” according to the Times.

    “The most pointed charges in the affidavits were cited in a request by the Palm Beach Republican Party that Miss Roberts, a longtime Democrat, step down from the board because of her partisan behavior in last week’s sample count of 4,600 ballots.

    “When the count found that Mr. Gore netted 19 more votes, Miss Roberts was adamant about a full recount, asserting that Mr. Gore could claim as many as 1,900 more votes based on the sampling.

    “In one case, a worker refused to recount a stack of ballots that contained Bush votes, according to observer Mark Klimer.

    “Mr. Klimer’s statement included the accusation that Miss Roberts picked up ballots from a stack that was to be evaluated later by the entire board and interspersed them with a stack of Gore votes.

    “He also said the ballot evaluation was inconsistent. Some ballots judged as Gore votes did not meet the agreed standards for a valid vote, the West Palm Beach banker said,” according to the Times account.

    If that isn’t enough to convince you of Democrat dirty tricks, last Saturday, Palm Beach County sheriffs confiscated a ballot-box mechanism from the car of a well-known local Democrat.

    “The mechanism,”

    “called a ‘Votomatic,’ did not contain any ballots. It’s a device used on some types of ballot boxes to punch votes through ballot cards, which are then tallied by computers.”

    Let’s see — “a device used to punch votes through ballot cards, which are then tallied by computers.”

    Why does that make me think about a

    statistical analysis
    by Robert Cook, PE, a nuclear engineer with an MS in statistical quality control, which purports to show that it wasn’t stupid people in Palm Beach County that were responsible for the large number of double-punched ballots. Rather, he says, “Statistical evidence establishes beyond reasonable doubt that 19,120 presidential race ballots were destroyed by deliberate double-punching ballots in Palm Beach County, FL with a ‘second punch’ for Al Gore or Pat Buchanan.”

    Cook’s analysis “uses simplified but wide-ranging statistical comparisons to establish beyond doubt that Democratic operatives ‘stole’ by double-punching ballots approximately 15,000 Bush votes in Palm Beach County; and approximately 3,400 additional Buchanan votes.”

    Now, I am not saying that Irving Slosberg, who pulled the Votomatic mechanism from his car and handed it over to police — after denying to a county government employee that he had it — double-punched, single-punched or any-other-kind-of-punched ballots last week. I am also not saying that Cook’s analysis is entirely accurate.

    I am, however, saying that this stinks to high heaven.

    By the way, Palm Beach County’s supervisor of elections, Theresa LePore, declined to press any charges against Slosberg, who “recently won a seat in the state legislature amid allegations he tried to buy his election,” ABCNEWS.com said.

    Denise Cote, director of public affairs for Palm Beach County, had told police she believed Slosberg had an official Palm Beach County ballot box, according to the police report.

    “I asked Mr. Slosberg to return it to me, and he said no, he intended to use it,” Cote told ABCNEWS.com. “I was told by the county’s attorney’s office that it must have been taken from a voting booth, because there was no other way that he could have obtained it,” Cote said.

    So, what are we to make of all this?

    Regardless of the outcome of this presidential election, I believe Americans will one day widely recognize what has really happened here. Al Gore — through making promises he could not keep, through outright lies, through appealing to race and class envy, creating fear in the elderly, through calculated and shameless pandering and promising the moon to every conceivable group — managed to cobble together a formidable voting bloc.

    But that bloc still added up to a minority of American voters.

    So the Gore campaign had to help the election along a little, by bribing homeless people with cigarettes to vote in Wisconsin, by intimidating Haitians in Florida to vote for Gore, by using the awesome powers of the executive branch to accelerate the naturalization of aliens so as to obtain their vote. These and all the other unethical and outright illegal get-out-the-vote activities of which the Democrat Party is guilty in this election, have cumulatively enabled Gore — almost — to squeak by with just over 50 percent of the nation’s vote so he can capture the presidency. Gore, the No. 2 man in the most corrupt administration in American history, would be, by all accounts, the most radical liberal ideologue ever to occupy the White House.

    And right now, it all boils down to whether the Gore legal team — aided and abetted by Carol Roberts, Mr. Votomatic, Jesse Jackson and the multitude of Gore’s unprincipled support staff — can together pull off the heist of the century.

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