For those of you who insist on taking the position — regardless of
the evidence — that Gore and Bush (and more broadly, Republicans and
Democrats) are guilty of equal misconduct and heavy-handedness in the
Florida post-election chaos, I urge you to consider this evidence:

  • Gore’s actions are inconsistent with his words; he insists that
    he wants every vote counted, but is doing everything he can to have only
    his votes counted.

  • Gore said in December 1999, “I’m not like George Bush. I’ll do
    anything to win.”

  • Democrats requested recounts in four of the most Gore-favoring

  • The Democratic machine dispatched an army of lawyers throughout
    the state armed with a five-page legal memo for the express purpose of
    disqualifying the maximum number of military ballots (40 percent of
    those ballots were disqualified when many of them legally shouldn’t have
    been); Joe Lieberman had the audacity to claim that he and Gore wouldn’t
    subscribe to such a strategy.

  • The Los Angeles Times reported that Gore flooded Florida with
    seasoned Democratic operatives to rustle up votes for Gore, with a
    Democratic lawyer reminding them that “we only need 301 votes to win
    this.” The lawyer said, “Our goal is to preserve the Al Gore vote. It’s
    very, very important that if you see any kind of mark — a scratch, a
    dent, a pinprick in Al Gore’s column — that you challenge.” When asked
    how they should treat such marks on Bush ballots, the lawyer said, “Keep
    your lips sealed.”

  • Gore’s DNC hired a telemarketing group to agitate voters into
    complaining about the ballots.

  • The Gore forces were exalting the decisions of county officials
    until Broward and Miami-Dade Counties voted not to conduct a full manual
    recount, at which point Gore threatened to sue and forced them to

  • The Democrats in Broward County changed a 10-year-old rule in
    the middle of a manual recount to more liberally construe ballots to
    enhance Gore vote totals.

  • Miami-Dade suspiciously closed its recount to the press.

  • At least 39 felons — mostly Democrats — were permitted to cast
    illegal absentee ballots in Democratic counties Broward and Miami-Dade.

  • Gore negotiator Warren Christopher called the Democratic lawyer
    for Palm Beach County’s elections supervisor to try to get him to exert
    influence on the county to conduct a manual recount. The lawyer said he
    didn’t think Christopher’s call was appropriate.

  • Gore has been personally contacting newspaper columnists to gin
    up support for his cause.

  • Longtime Democratic operative Bob Beckel has admitted that he’s
    indirectly contacting electors with the hope of persuading some
    Republican ones to vote for Gore.

  • Clinton-Gore hitman Paul Begala wrote a fire-breathing,
    hate-gorged column depicting the Bush states variously as racist,
    murderous, homophobic and anti-Catholic.

  • Democrat Mort Kondracke admitted that the ongoing manual recount
    will send a signal to Democratic County commissioners as to how many
    votes they’re going to need to overcome Bush’s lead (quickly adding that
    he wasn’t suggesting the commissioners were corrupt).

  • The Gore forces were orchestrating the most vicious character
    assassination of Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris for
    exercising her duty under the law — while Gore was simultaneously
    requesting a meeting with Gov. Bush to improve the tone of the
    discourse. MSNBC reported that Gore’s aides said that if Bush wins with
    the help of Katherine Harris, “the investigation of her role in this
    entire situation will make Whitewater look like a picnic.”

  • Republicans have refrained from reciprocating with a similar
    attack against Democratic Attorney General Bob Butterworth.

  • Five separate affidavits have been filed alleging misconduct on
    the part of controversial Palm Beach County Democratic election official
    Carol Roberts.

  • Eyewitnesses have reported that in one case, six Bush ballots
    were placed in the Gore stack to be counted for Gore and that in several
    instances, chads were taped to Bush “holes” and then Gore’s holes were

  • While Americans overwhelmingly want finality to this process,
    Joe Lieberman refused to rule out further legal challenges to the
    election if he and Gore are still losing upon completion of the manual
    recounts. The Baltimore Sun confirms that the Gore legal team is already
    preparing further legal challenges to the election.

    I rest my case.

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