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Nations sometimes don’t react to threats until it’s too late. The
American people, who are momentarily confused about who they are and
where they stand, have ignored many threats over the past decade.
Perhaps the biggest threat is the one least talked about. It is the
threat of false ideas, subversive philosophies and lies that could bring
down the country. Too many of us have gone about our daily business
ignoring a deadly poison that is handed out in schools and universities
to our youth, and shown on television under the guise of “objective
reporting.” Too many of us are ignoring what these poisons have
accomplished, and what they yet promise to the future.

When I was a college undergraduate my classmates simply wanted to get
their degrees and move on. There was not much political talk. The
leftists and subversive malcontents I met were graduate students, older
than myself. These were people who’d entered the higher ranks of the
educational establishment. Years later I was admitted to graduate
school. I then discovered that roughly half the graduate students and a
good portion of the faculty were either Marxists or indistinguishable
from Marxists in their thinking. This was astounding, because all of
these people had taken a loyalty oath to the California and U.S.
constitutions in order to secure employment at the university (which was
state funded). I asked some of them how they could take such an oath,
knowing they would not keep it. They laughed at my naivete, saying that
such oaths were meaningless.

This sort of thing was going on at many institutions of higher
learning throughout our country. People whose views were more aligned
with Marx and Lenin were being funded and promoted, as researchers and
educators, by tax dollars in the world’s leading capitalist country. In
this process, the children of the bourgeoisie were being spoon-fed
anti-bourgeois toxins.

Education itself — especially the political education of America’s
youth — was a position the Marxists wanted to take by storm. It was a
strategic piece of ground, partially absorbed over the years, but not
entirely colonized. The attack had to employ stealth. Subtle
intimidation had to be generated against the recalcitrant and the
“reactionary.” Political correctness is the raw stuff of this subtle
intimidation, however partial its success.

If we look at young college undergraduates today the stamp of
political correctness seems indelibly etched on the consciousness of
many, even those with conservative beliefs. People today don’t fully
realize the many ways in which their thinking has been distorted by the
media and its left-of-center messages, by universities and schools where
tenured radicals plant poisonous seeds in unsuspecting minds.

Today we see Vice President Al Gore trumpeting “politically correct”
themes, as TV journalists weave such themes into their reporting. We see
Ralph Nader and the Green Party emerging from the shadows, calling for
“cradle to grave” socialist measures. The Republican candidate, on his
side, only holds his ground by posing as a “compassionate conservative”
supports the welfare state and is ready to compromise with socialism.

The country has been shifting, ever gradually, to the left — toward
ideas that are dangerous to our liberty at home and our security abroad.
These ideas are being placed in textbooks, they are taught in classrooms
and promoted in popular media. These ideas feature themes of “divide and
conquer.” For example, feminism teaches a way of thinking that leads —
in daily life — to a struggle for power between man and woman that
disrupts normal family life. Multiculturalism deepens the racial divide,
pitting group against group in an ethnic power struggle that could one
day rupture the country.

Who profits by such work?

Those who wish to destroy America have a hand in this propaganda,
which is spread by an unthinking process of social absorption. The
transmission of the poison appears as innocent as can be, the
transmitters seem well-intentioned. But we must look deeper at the logic
behind it all.

Hatred for America and everything it stands for is an organizing
principle on this planet. It is an organizing principle for the People’s
Liberation Army and the Russian General Staff. It is also an organizing
principle for many groups here in the U.S. The most sophisticated and
successful organizations of the revolutionary left, however, have long
been headquartered in Moscow and other nations of the “former” communist
bloc. Anyone who does not understand this has understood nothing about
the world’s present-day crisis.

The International Socialist Review, a journal of revolutionary
Marxism, is representative of the core views of political correctness
and the hard left. If you want to know where political correctness comes
from, this magazine is a good place to start. Here you can see the dark
underlying hatred that fuels a subversive movement that has penetrated
the Democratic
Party and the media, even as it expects to control the emerging Green

The view behind “political correctness” is actually quite simple.
America and its institutions are evil and must be changed. Socialism is
good and must be adopted at every level of society. For instance, the
August-September issue of the “International Socialist Review”
hits nearly every necessary point needed to justify the liquidation of
U.S. capitalism. The magazine blames America for the bloodshed in
Colombia’s civil war. It suggests that evil businessmen control the
United States, that they are raping the environment and crushing the
workers with low wages and dangerous living conditions. Capitalism
itself is indicted as inherently “racist.” Marx, Engels and Lenin are
praised as heroes and champions of the working class. The magazine
further explains how the death penalty exists in America as a tool of
white rich people to murder innocent black and poor people. There is
also the obligatory look at Hiroshima, where America used an atom bomb
to kill 100,000 innocent Japanese.

But that’s not all. There’s an article on “The Hidden History of
America’s Concentration Camps,” by Ken Matsumura. And another article
about “The Genocide Against Iraq.”

As you can see, America is depicted as something that approximates
the Third Reich. It is described as an “evil empire” that must be
eradicated. The capitalist system is blamed for the injustices of the
past, the poverty of the Third World and the looting of the “former”
Soviet Union.

Imagine in your personal life, if somebody spoke hatefully about you.
Imagine if they listed only your faults and never your good points.
Imagine their excitement at the idea of your destruction.

Should you, as an American, listen to such talk? Should you be
reasonable and open-minded, and take in these criticisms?

The destruction of a nation usually begins with propaganda to justify
that destruction. The crimes of the United States and the so-called
“evils of capitalism” are mere justifications for a campaign of

Today in Russia there is a song that is gaining in popularity. Andrew
Higgins wrote about it in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal. The Russian
song is entitled “Kill the Yankees.” The words of the song include
phrases about burning the shop along with the Americans, and blowing up
their pretty Chevrolet with a grenade.

“Kill the Yankees,” is one line from the song, “Kill the Yankees and
all who love the Yankees.”

There is another Russian pop song, by the same “artist.” It is said
to be a hit with his fans. “Buy Tampax tampons, chew Spearmint gum, eat
Snickers bars, drink Hershey’s,” say the lyrics, “No matter what, a
bullet will be found for you.”

The song is referring to Americans, who are busy with their Tampax,
their gum and their candy bars. But there is a bullet being prepared for
these gum-chewing candy-eaters.

Before you slaughter somebody, or trash their country, or oppress
them under a regime of political correctness, you must dehumanize them
first. You must set them at a subhuman level. You must make their
destruction sound like a good thing, and a necessary thing. You must
blame the target people for the crimes of history, and paint them black
with the sins that all humans share in. And you must also forget their
virtues and many kindnesses to the

The truth is, we Americans are in the fight of our lives, whether we
realize it or not. I hope you will join that fight soon, before it is
too late.

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