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Tomorrow will be a day of decision. The country will decide between
George W. Bush and Al Gore. But the ideological struggle taking place
beneath the surface will continue. Political correctness, which
virtually occupies our institutions of higher learning, holding the main
doorway of opportunity for the young, will not go away — even if Bush
wins and the Republicans control Congress.

Bush has talked a great deal about education reform; but all such
talk fails to confront the internal menace head-on, and fails in its
understanding of the actual situation. The Republicans, absorbed with
policies related to economic prosperity, have yet to identify the root
causes of our educational distress — which are ideological and
philosophical, involving the growth of a subversive faith which uses our
own tax dollars to undermine the system that produces those dollars.


this column explained what the ideological struggle is, and what is at stake. Many readers responded with their own stories. What they described was an emerging anti-American, even anti-human philosophy in our institutions of higher learning.

If anyone thinks communism is dead or political correctness is a harmless fad, let them read the words of those who confront political correctness every day. Let them deny the experiences of those who see it and suffer under it firsthand.

Last week a university student in Florida wrote, “I have been especially disturbed by my Ethics class, (where) my teacher has said that we must be willing to sacrifice access to certain freedoms or rights … in exchange for more protection. …” Another correspondent, a graduate student in molecular biology, said that he has “to hold back from retching” at some of the nonsense he hears in his department. “I shudder to think what goes on in political science or economics or philosophy.”

A concerned father wrote about a daughter currently in graduate school. “My daughter has become a devout socialist,” he explained. “She is currently espousing Marxism and Leninism which leads me to fear she is moving farther to the extreme left in her political views.”

Imagine what it feels like to have a child turn against your cherished beliefs. “Watching this process occur has deeply bothered me because my daughter is extremely intelligent,” he added. “This change in her beliefs has happened during two years of graduate school. …”

Your tax dollars are paying for these conversions.

This is not fiction. These are real people. Try as you may to comfort yourself with the slogan “communism is dead,” your local university is making converts to communism and propelling these converts into government and corporate jobs.

I also received an email from a reader who was denied employment with a police department in a large city because his beliefs were not politically correct. “I had passed everything,” he wrote, “background, physical, polygraphy, review board, everything except the psychological exam.”

After being instructed to skip questions pertaining to sexual preferences, he discovered there were 26 questions on religious beliefs — largely related to Christianity. “Do you believe in the second coming of Christ?” was one question. “Do you believe Christ is the Messiah?” was another. “Do you believe the prophecies as mentioned in the Bible?”

Needless to say, the reader was flunked because of his answers on this section of the test. At first he was confused and didn’t know what they wanted from him. Then he was interviewed by a psychologist, who asked questions like: “Well, I see you claim to own firearms, why do you do that?”

Some analysts point out that Marxism — or political correctness — has no chance in the world because it is a minority view. “Only a few fanatics believe in Marxism,” say the optimists of the hour. Perhaps this will come as news to them, but communism was a minority view in 1917, at the foundation of the USSR. It was a minority view when millions were killed by it in the Russian Civil War. It was a minority view when millions were starved by it during the Ukraine famine in the 1930s. It was a minority view when Mao killed tens of millions in China, when Castro took Cuba, when America surrendered Vietnam because “we were wrong” to fight against communism is Southeast Asia.

The majority on the planet, in each tragic instance, counted for nothing. Of what significance is the majority to the political outcome?

Tomorrow is a special day because we can vote, but the organized minorities of the earth wield power and make decisions every day. All political systems, including the so-called “democratic” ones, are oligarchical. Oligarchy means “rule by the few.” There is no system, nor can there be a system, with all chiefs and no Indians. Yes, we will be voting tomorrow, but we are only putting our seal on one set of oligarchs as opposed to another set. And one of those is more politically correct than the other.

Tomorrow we decide who will be promoted to the presidency, to the highest office in the land. If George W. Bush wins that office there is a lot he needs to know about what is happening in classrooms and on college campuses. Our congressmen need to be educated, as well, about the ideological pressures and tactics that are being used in schools supported by the U.S. Treasury.

If we want to turn tomorrow’s election into a victory for America, we have to mobilize patriotic people and energize them in every walk of life. We have to educate our nation’s leaders — those whose hearts are in the right place — about the danger from within. Those who are older and wiser, who have lived a full life, need to begin a dialogue with the nation’s youth and the nation’s leaders.

If America’s traditions are to be preserved, if liberty is to survive, the patriotic core must be activated and organized in a way that has yet to happen. Putting your money or vote on a Republican president or Congress is not enough. It will not stem the tide in a culture war for the soul of America.

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