The other day I got an e-mail from a reader who reminded me of what I
had written about Al Gore’s mental health some weeks back. He wrote, “I
was impressed by the fact that the remarks about what Al Gore will be
like if he does not get what he wants. A temper tantrum … oh that’s
rich. And you wrote this before the re- re- re-recount fiasco. You
sure seemed to have called it. Your observations resonate with what I’d
felt but been unable to fully articulate for some time regarding Mr.
Gore.” My thanks to the reader for the compliment.

My analysis of the VP was correct. I wrote, “Americans don’t like
power-hungry leaders. They like modest leaders who respect the people
they are leading. Gore comes across as someone obsessed with being
president, as if his entire life has been devoted to that end. He is
like a stubborn child who wants what he wants and if he doesn’t get it
will have a temper tantrum to end all temper tantrums. The voters are
beginning to feel uneasy, like a parent dealing with a strong-willed
child who will only become worse if he gets what he wants.”

What we are witnessing in simple psychological terms is a temper
tantrum of ballistic proportions being acted out on the national stage
in Gore’s inimitable style. When he says, “This is America. When votes
are cast, we count them,” he implies that the machines did not count
every vote. The machines did indeed count every vote that was cast.
Voters who chose not to punch their cards for any presidential candidate
were not tallied for a presidential candidate. But they were counted.
The fact that they did not add to Gore’s tally has upset him so much
that he insists that those voters really wanted to vote for him but were
prevented from doing so by the big bad machines and Jeb Bush’s gremlins
in control of the machines.

As for Jesse Jackson, even he couldn’t complain that the machines
were racially biased. But he complained that policemen with guns
intimidated blacks as they approached the polling places. Perhaps the
reason why some of these people felt frightened is because they were not
U.S. citizens or non-registered and were about to commit a crime by
voting illegally.

The only votes that were not counted were those from servicemen
stationed around the world whose votes were thrown out on technical
grounds. A Democrat memo sent to all of the county election officials
in Florida outlined in detail how to reject a vote from a serviceman.

Gore says he knows he won, but that he can’t prove it. Apparently he
is now hallucinating and getting his Democrat colleagues to hallucinate
with him.

No election is perfect. In fact, Democrats are notorious for
perpetrating election fraud. Remember LBJ in his first election in
Texas? A lot of dead men showed up at the polling places. Then there
was Mayor Daley of Chicago, who engineered JFK’s victory over Richard
Nixon by a little ballot stuffing.

Which reminds me of a conversation which took place some years ago at
a dinner party I attended in Boston. One of the guests was one of the
union workers who set the stage for the television debate between Nixon
and Kennedy. The stagehands, of course, were for Kennedy, and so they
set the lighting to make Nixon look bad and Kennedy look good. As many
of us remember, listeners to the debate on the radio thought that Nixon
had won while those who saw it on television knew that Kennedy had won.
Remember the mole in George Bush’s campaign headquarters who sent his
debate rehearsal tape to the Gore camp? And what about the revelation
that Democrat operatives are looking into the backgrounds of Bush
electors? Can some of the latter be persuaded to vote for Gore?

Such dirty tricks are now commonplace in American politics. The
other day I received a report by Pastor Joe Kirkwood of Amarillo, Texas,
who was in a group of pastors invited to meet with Christians in
Congress. During the visit the pastors had a breakfast with 30
born-again congressmen. He writes:

    These men shared how they are desperate for our prayers. Many of
    them privately told me how lonely they were. They felt like they could
    talk to no one without the danger of it appearing in the press. Some
    told of how Gays & Lesbians have taken over Washington. They even
    infiltrate the offices of the Congressmen. Some of the Congressmen told
    me with tears in their eyes of how women had been hired to seduce the
    Christian Congressmen so they could be caught in compromising
    situations. They also shared how money would show up in unmarked
    envelopes to get them to vote in favor of Gay & Lesbian agendas. One
    Congressman said that because he voted to impeach the President that he
    was even threatened by people in the White House. … Dick Armey told me
    that this is the most crucial election in the entire history of the
    United States. Several others confirmed it as well.

Can you imagine how much worse life would be for Christian and
conservative congressmen if Al Gore were in the White House? Can you
imagine the kind of retribution that would be the order of the day if
Gore had the power to perpetrate even greater crimes than stealing an
election? Rome had Caligula who made his horse a consul. We have Al
Gore, perhaps not as imaginative or perverse as Caligula, but driven by
a lust for power rarely so openly expressed by an American politician.
Yet, only a few hundred votes separate him from the seat of power he so
desperately wants. If we are saved from Gore, it will be by the skin of
our teeth — and the grace of God.

Listening to talk radio in Boston, which has covered this election
crisis with extended hours of talk, I am amazed at how many Gore voters
have expressed revulsion at what Gore is doing. They sense that there
is something terribly wrong with the man and that he is bringing the
entire Democrat Party into disrepute. What really upset many veterans
nationwide was Gore’s deliberate action to throw out the votes of
servicemen. What many Democrats are now seeing, of course, is the real
Al Gore and the pack of wolves around him. Remember what Gore told us,
“You ain’t seen nothing yet.”

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