President Clinton is sitting on pins and needles awaiting the outcome
of the election in Florida. He needs Gore to win because he will need
Gore’s presidential pardon if he is indicted by the independent counsel
on charges of obstruction of justice and perjury. According to a CNN
report of Dec. 1, it appears that Independent Counsel Robert Ray is
stepping up his investigation of Clinton’s alleged criminal actions in
order to decide whether or not to indict the president when he leaves

Ray’s office has begun contacting potential witnesses to appear
before a grand jury. Lewinsky herself would be one of them. The danger
that Clinton might be indicted, found guilty, and put in jail is very
real. And that is why he desperately needs Gore to win.

Clinton and the Gore team are now spreading the new Gore spin: Gore
actually won the election, and the Bush Republicans are preventing a
recount that would confirm Gore’s victory. It is now the Republicans
who are trying to steal the election, not the Democrats.

Clinton told a reporter on Nov. 30 that Gore would be the clear
winner if all the votes were counted. How does he know that? Is the
fix in? Also, he seems to have forgotten that all the votes were
counted twice by machine without giving Gore victory. Clinton said,
“This all could have been resolved earlier if all the votes in Florida
had been recounted as the vice president suggested. America will be
embarrassed in front of the world if the votes are not counted.” By his
own tally, Clinton sees Gore winning Florida by at least 100 votes.

Of course, with Bush ahead by such a slim lead, it is obvious why the
Republicans don’t want a Gore-style recount. They have nothing to gain
and everything to lose, whereas Gore has nothing to lose and everything
to gain. All it will take is for Gore to gain 538 votes to put him over
the top. That can easily be done by desperate Democrats interpreting
ballots to give Gore the edge.

Should the recount be ordered by the court, Gore may come up as the
winner. If he does, the Democrats will send their electors to
Washington. The Republicans may cry foul and contest the recount,
claiming fraud or whatnot. The Republican Florida Legislature may then
appoint Republican electors. The U.S. Congress will then have to decide
which electors to accept.

But it is clear that the Democrats must press ahead to get the
results they want in order to make sure that Bill Clinton does not wind
up in jail.

Meanwhile, the election of the American president may largely be
determined by the minority voters. Derrick Jackson, in his Boston Globe
column of Dec. 1st wrote about Rev. John Sales, minister of the First
Baptist Church of Brownsville in Miami. Sales had told 22 other black
ministers to get out the vote in Liberty City. He said, “The black vote
is the balance of the scale in this election. White folks are split
50-50 on Gore and Bush. We hold the balance of the weight on the
scale. We can determine if Gore wins. We must use our weight.”

Derrick Jackson writes: “Sales and the ministers used their weight,
only to wonder if Florida dropped it on the floor. African-American
turnout in this election swelled by 50 percent, from 10 percent of the
state’s voters in 1996 to 15 percent. While 57 percent of the white
vote in Florida went to George W. Bush, and Latinos were split evenly
between Bush and Al Gore, 93 percent of the African-American vote went
to Gore.”

This lopsided voting pattern is now a national phenomenon that will
make it increasingly difficult for conservatives to win elections. The
Democrats know how to use the black churches for their benefit. Al
Gore, who knows how to whip up the congregation in a black church, spent
those last hours campaigning in Florida because he knew that only a huge
black turnout could give him victory.

When he conceded to Bush in the early hours of Nov. 8, he had been
told that Bush had carried the state by 50,000 votes. But an hour later
he was told that Bush was ahead by only 1,784 votes. What a difference
an hour can make! It was then that Gore called Bush and retracted his

We’ve never been told how Bush’s very comfortable lead could whittle
down to 1,784 in only an hour. And then it was further whittled down by
the machine recount. The military absentee ballots brought Bush’s lead
up to 930, even though many of the military ballots were thrown out by
the Democrats. Some recounting then brought the Bush lead down to only
537 votes. We wonder to what extent Mr. Daley’s legendary skills as an
election professional were responsible for Bush’s vanishing votes.

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