Every once in awhile, you get some truth from people like Jesse
Jackson Jr.

I admit, it’s not often. But, occasionally, the professional
political extortionists like the young congressman from Illinois and his
opportunistic daddy tell you exactly what they think about America —
and how it must be changed to suit their notion of freedom, security,
prosperity and, most of all, victimhood.

Last week, Rep. Jesse L. Jackson Jr., the heir apparent to the
Rainbow Throne, had one of those moments of lucidity and candor.

He was quoted in the Chicago Defender as saying the

Constitution is “inadequate” to handle the needs of
He called the document “unfinished business” for blacks.

I have to assume he was quoted accurately, because the prince of dependency and government reliance reposted the article on his


Jackson made his comments in the context of the presidential election quagmire and made it clear that his contempt for the Constitution is one of the reasons he supports Vice President Al Gore so enthusiastically.

“Some of us are with Al Gore because he would give us a broader interpretative (sic) group of constitutional judges who would look at the Constitution and see women as women and see African-Americans as full citizens and see people as people … equal protection under the law,” he said. “The common denominator is that the Constitution of the U.S. is inadequate of (sic) handling the needs of our community. Our basic fundamental rights that should be inalienable are not so inalienable and not so self-evident.”

He continues: “It doesn’t mean that we are any less American because we acknowledge that the Constitution from our perspective is inadequate. We are more American because we recognize that the Constitution represents unfinished business.”

Exactly what does Junior think the Constitution is lacking?

Well, he has filed two constitutional amendments to correct what he says is the inadequacy of the Constitution to meet the needs of blacks, other minorities and poor people.

“Health care ought to be your human right, not your Democratic or Republican Party right,” he explains.

There you have it, folks. A candid admission from a U.S. congressman, who, last time I checked, is still required to swear an oath to uphold the Constitution to serve in the House of Representatives, telling it like it is — to hell with the Constitution.

It’s not his Constitution, he suggests. It’s a Constitution for rich, white folks of the male persuasion.

And don’t kid yourself. The Jacksons represent a major part of Al Gore’s constituency. The vote wouldn’t have been close in Florida, or anywhere else, for that matter, if he didn’t have the support of these anti-freedom, anti-American, statist demagogues.

But the sad truth is that the alternative party, the so-called Republicans, don’t have much more respect for the Constitution than does the Jackson wing of the Democratic Party. Let’s face it. We’re not going to have constitutional government after Jan. 20, any more than we have for the last eight years, 12 years, 25 years — heck, probably for the last 140 years.

So, politically speaking, who could blame Jackson for trying to take America further down the road to the rule of men, not laws? Have you heard even one of his Democratic of Republican colleagues in the House call for censure or even offer a mild rebuke of Jackson for his assault on the Constitution? I haven’t — nor do I expect to hear any such criticisms.

Jackson and his ilk do not seek equal protection under the law — because that is precisely what the Constitution requires. What they truly seek is unequal protection under the law — special favors under the law. In fact, they seek to use the law only as a tool for achieving their own political and economic empowerment.

Certainly it cannot be to empower their constituencies. Because Jackson and Gore offer their sad, deluded supporters only servitude to and dependency on the state.

For once a member of the Jackson clan has it exactly right. The U.S. Constitution paves the way only to liberty, self-reliance and self-governance. To achieve their agenda, they must put the final nails in the coffin of the most remarkable freedom document ever crafted.

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