Liberals and conservatives, as you might expect, have a much
different view of what’s been going on in Florida since Nov. 8. The
arguments being presented by the true losers in this race — liberal
Democrats — predictably have dealt with emotions rather than facts.

In other words, libs aren’t dealing in reality, here. Again —
expected. Sad, but expected.

As the clock winds down on the legal challenges and electoral
deadlines, liberals have begun to blame Republicans “for this election
mess,” even though a wealth of verifiable, documented public records
prove, beyond doubt, that the gaggles of lawsuits and legions of lawyers
now permeating the political landscape were first ordered and deployed
by none other than the liberal’s liberal, Democrat Al Gore.

It is also a matter of public record that in every legitimate, lawful
ballot count in the state of Florida, Texas Gov. George W. Bush has
won decidedly, albeit by small margins.

No matter. Democrats and liberals have chosen to ignore this fact —
and others — for the lone, simple reason that these facts do not give
legitimacy to the claims Gore continues to make on the U.S. presidency.

Now, have you any doubt that if those legitimate vote counts had gone
for Gore and were finally certified — by a secretary of state from
either party — that Gore would already have the funds and the
keys to the White House transition office?

No, I don’t doubt it either.

But he doesn’t have them. And if the rule of law (and reality)
genuinely prevail here, he will never get them — at least, not this

Yet, the liberals who are “spinning” the lie — that the election
mess is the fault of the GOP — on behalf of Gore have become just as
manic as the vice president. For libs, there are no rules (and no
consciences) when it comes to quests for power and control over the

Consider a statement made by one of Gore’s former Harvard professors,
who’s now living in England, in Friday’s New York Times: “The
Republicans have been acting like poor losers and yet somehow have made
him look like one. Looking at it from the long distance of London, it
seems to me he did get a majority of the vote in Florida, but I don’t
see how he thinks it’s going to happen for him now.”

Meet Prof. Richard Neustadt, “who was one of Mr. Gore’s mentors at
Harvard,” as the Times put it.

If Neustadt was just “one of Mr. Gore’s mentors,” do you doubt that
the rest of them were any different? Do you doubt that, like Neustadt,
none of Gore’s other “mentors” could accept, understand or
process reality either?

I don’t doubt it. Not for a second.

In Florida alone, there have been dozens of sourced, documented and
provable reports of Democratic chicanery and vote fraud. There have been
cases of outright Democratic vote theft; there is proof —
documented by observers who were there — that leading Democratic
elections board officials purposely awarded otherwise indiscernible
ballots to Gore.

Meanwhile, Democrats have been aided by liberal judges and
even state Supreme Court justices every step of the way. The laws that
were on the books before the election regarding mandatory counts and
recounts have been followed or ignored, depending upon which was most
beneficial for the vice president.

Yet, the Neustadt’s and other liberal supporters and “mentors” still
have the gumption to blame Republicans for the chaos that is the Florida
election morass.

Systematic public relations campaign? Intentionally misleading
statements? Spin? Perhaps.

But not all of it. In fact, not even most of it. The sad thing
is, these libs and Democrats really believe the chaka
they’re shoveling. Gore is no exception; he too really
he has won this election. He will probably die believing

But it gets even worse.

In that same report on Friday, the Times said Gore has winnowed his
close advisory circle to just a few people — mostly his wife and
daughter, running mate Lieberman and his wife, and perhaps William
Daley. He has done so because he doesn’t want to hear from anyone that
he should concede because he has lost this election.

Former advisers in the Times report described a surreal and manic
situation in the inner Gore circle that borders on insanity. Gore is so
obsessed with his own personal power trip that he refuses to consider
defeat, concession, or a 2004 presidential bid.

The Times characterized Gore’s behavior as very rational, considering
the situation.

“One result is that Mr. Gore is forging forward, driven by his
conviction, unchallenged by those around him, that he is the rightful
winner. He has no exit strategy because he has not considered
conceding,” the Times said.

I have a different view. I think Gore’s behavior is more akin to that
of a man so crazed in his quest for power that he has become hopelessly
irrational and is now bordering on mental incapability. If anyone other
than Gore was behaving this way in this election, the liberal media and
academia establishments would be openly calling for straitjackets.

Witnessing Gore’s behavior and watching others who are supposed to be
educated defend his unbalanced demeanor is indicative of the whole of
institutional liberalism.

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