It appears that Vice President Al Gore has learned from President
Clinton that, in times of crisis, it is important to be seen at church.

According to published news reports, the vice president has become a
regular in the pews of Mount Vernon Baptist Church in Arlington, Va.,
since beginning his desperate struggle to win the Florida election. He
has been repeatedly photographed with his wife at his side, talking with
his pastor at Sunday-morning services.

The Gore’s pastor, Martha Phillips, told the Associated Press that,
in times of crisis, Mr. Gore turns to the church.

The vice president, who dropped out of the divinity school of
Vanderbilt University, told The New York Times in October that he goes
to church regularly — even in the heat of the presidential campaign.
However, the Times reported that Mr. Gore “has not been active in church
for a decade.”

Once again, we see the Clinton-Gore leadership saying one thing and
doing another — all for the sake of gaining a few votes. As pastor and
founder of Thomas Road Baptist Church, in Lynchburg, Va., I know the
irreplaceable value of the fellowship of believers in a church setting.
It is a sacred relationship between man and almighty God that is not to
be taken lightly.

For Mr. Gore to exaggerate his church attendance in a quest for votes
is nothing less than careless disrespect for the hallowed bond of
communion God intends for his people.

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