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Help pick biggest cover-ups of 2000

In its annual tradition, WorldNetDaily invites readers to submit what
they consider the most “spiked” stories of the year in the newssite’s
interactive forum,

“Operation Spike!”
which goes live today.

Most new organizations choose to end each year with a review of the top stories of the preceding 12 months. However, WND continues its long-standing practice of drawing attention to the year’s most important stories that were either unreported or under-reported by the establishment press.

In previous years, WND has made the selection itself. But with the overwhelming success of last year’s “Operation Spike!” forum, editors have decided once again to take suggestions from the newssite’s 1 million readers.

Last year, readers responded with tremendous enthusiasm, submitting so many spiked stories that WND editors were left wondering just what the establishment media did cover.

Clinton scandals ranked among the most spiked stories in 1999, accounting for more than half of the stories submitted last December and January. No. 1 on that list was the allegation by

that she was raped by then-Arkansas Gov. Bill Clinton. Although an interview with Broaddrick was broadcast on prime-time network TV, the press ignored her allegations almost completely — despite the fact that a Zogby public opinion poll showed most Americans either believed Clinton is guilty of the 1978 rape of Broaddrick or say more information is needed to make a true judgment.

As one reader put it: “The president is credibly accused on national television of rape, and no one bats an eye.”

Other list-makers from 1999’s “Operation Spike!” included the

militarization of local police forces,
the brutal rape and murder of 13-year-old

Jesse Dirkhising
and the announcement of the

United Nations’ Millennium Forum.

All suggestions submitted to the forum will be evaluated by WND editors, and the very best will be made available in a Top 10-style report after the first of the year.

Submit your choice for the most spiked story of 2000.

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