The eyes of the nation, indeed the world, are on this country as we
struggle with a battle royal. We had an election. The Republican
ticket was said to be the winner, then maybe not, then yes, and yes, and
yes again. But then, especially for the Democrats, maybe not.

Republicans continue trying to fight for their lives without coming
off as street fighters or, in the language of today, going negative(!).
The Democrats are fighting for their lives but they don’t really care
about appearances because they are using the flexible rules of
Clintonia. They just fight dirty right from the start.

For someone who spent the entire campaign steering clear of anything
that even smacked of Bill and Hill and the Clinton administration (of
which he still remains a part, although he doesn’t talk about it) Al
Gore switched gears and tactics. If it worked for Bill — and it did —
he was ready to do it too.

His operatives hauled in planeloads of Clinton lawyers, busloads of
demonstrators and professional complainers and carloads of activists,
e.g. Jesse Jackson, guaranteed to get the cameras for the 6 o’clock news
— and the 7 and 8 and 10 and 11 and whenever. Just get the camera,
Jesse, and play the race card. Which of course he did and, as a matter
of fact, is still doing.

Is it working? Well, the election battle continues. The United
States Supreme Court entered the fray Friday; the Florida Supreme Court
is back in the pool again and with all the other lawsuits floating
around, it would appear that those high-priced sharks will stay busy

The only good I can see with any of this is that with all those
lawyers in Florida, the rest of us can sleep a bit safer.

And speaking of what’s going on while all our attention is focused on
Florida — just what are Bill and Hill up to? Just yesterday,
the airwaves were filled with the missus telling the world that she and
Bill are just savoring every moment of their end-days in the White
House. In fact, we were told, she and Bill are trying to stay up 24
hours a day just to take in all the excitement!

The wife of the big guy is busy as a domestic bee. The annual White
House Christmas tree is up and decorated and fun and frivolity is
probably in store. She’s not exactly Martha Stewart, but Hillary has a
new book about entertaining in the White House, so she is doing some
publicity for that — you know, the “Today” show and some selected

I haven’t read the book yet but somehow I doubt that for Hillary
Clinton “entertaining” involves much more than telling the staff what
the party is for and how many will be there and then getting her hair

But why criticize? Americans are suckers for make-believe. We’re
infatuated with Hollywood — and New York just elected a mistreated,
betrayed wife with no personal political experience as senator.

And what is her better-half up to? Bill is, after all, still
president. We can be certain he hasn’t forgotten that. After the revel
in Vietnam where he and the family wore coolie hats and Bill posed for
the cameras holding remains from a downed American plane while Hillary
stood by behind dark glasses — there are more travel plans in store.

Latest word is that he’ll soon be off to Northern Ireland to re-solve
the problems that we were told not so long ago he had already solved.
Fame and peace are so fleeting, especially when one is in search of a

But it’s on the home front, while we are distracted, that the
mischief is happening. In addition to the already designated National
Monuments, others are in the wings, including the Arctic National
Wildlife Range — all of these would then be off-limits to oil drilling
and other uses for natural resources as well as with serious
restrictions on human use.

He’s already issued new rules for repetitive motion injuries and
proposed mandated reduction in sulfur content of diesel fuel. There are
other wide-ranging environmental rules which would have the ultimate
effect of raising the cost of goods and services, cost jobs and put us
on the path to further shortages in fuel and electricity. We can also
expect surprises in health care, labor, crime, labor and other areas
with new rules and regulation which will affect everyone.

President Clinton has also announced that before he leaves office he
will review all pending requests for executive clemency including that
of American Indian activist Leonard Peltier who is serving two
consecutive life terms for the murders of two FBI agents. Anyone
interested in laying a bet as to how that will turn out?

As Hillary said, she and Bill are getting just about no sleep at all
right now, because there is so much to do and so little time left! And
the media is all concerned with Florida. Who’s watching the store?
Hardly anyone, and that’s just how the Clintons like it.

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