Last week, President-elect George W. Bush truly surprised me
— but in a good way. He nominated outgoing Sen. John Ashcroft, R-Mo.,
to be his attorney general.

Just a few weeks ago, Ashcroft — an honorable man who is more than
capable and more than qualified to succeed the filth that is Attorney
General Janet Reno’s Justice Department — was being mocked by the
mainstream media and assorted lefty groups because he lost his
senatorial re-election bid “to a dead man,” the late Missouri Democratic
governor, Mel Carnahan.

Well, “Ho, ho, ho,” as Santa would say; now it looks like the
joke is on them. As the good Lord teaches, things happen for a reason.

Sen. Ashcroft has been selected for a position of trust that carries
infinitely more responsibility than that of a single U.S. senator,
though Ashcroft — a multi-term senator and former two-term Missouri
governor himself — has been humbled by all positions entrusted
to him by the people and by his colleagues.

And, considering Reno’s performance — or lack of it —
anyone who assumes her position has their work cut out for them.
One of the first things that ought to be done is reminiscent of Clinton
himself; every U.S. attorney ought to be fired and replaced.

In any event, why are the lefties, socialists and liberal kooks so
ticked off by Ashcroft’s nomination? Because if he is confirmed, he will
represent the antithesis of the liberal ideology.

Ashcroft, you see, is a religious man who abhors the nightmare
of abortion, is traditional in his beliefs about family and sexual
norms, and has a strong aversion for the kind of cultural rot that is
modern liberalism.

In short, he embodies most of what Americans hate about the liberal
whacko “1960s” protest culture.

So, the liberal culture has already begun to attack (read
fear-monger) Ashcroft, and paint him as some monstrous
Hitler-type who — as attorney general — will foster a climate of fear
and violence against lefty hysteriacs. To wit:

  • Wade Henderson, executive director for Leadership Conference
    on Civil Rights, has decried Ashcroft’s alleged poor “civil rights
    record,” called his nomination “deeply troubling,” and said, “It’s hard
    to think of a more divisive choice for attorney general; and it’s
    especially surprising coming from a president who professes to be a
    uniter and not a divider.”

  • Marisa Demeo, a spokesman for Mexican American Legal Defense and
    Educational Fund, said, “In 1998, his votes earned him a score of zero
    from national Latino groups, and in 1999, he barely beat that with a
    score of 14 out of 100. His nomination does not bode well for our

  • People for the American Way leader Ralph Neas said, “John
    Ashcroft is the antithesis of the person required to lead the Department
    of Justice. With the possible exception of Senator Jesse Helms, I do not
    believe anyone in the United States Senate has a more abysmal record on
    civil rights and civil liberties.”

  • The Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice used a well-worn
    (meaning worn out) phrase to describe Ashcroft by calling him a
    “religious right extremist.” The Rev. Carlton Veazey, of this group,
    said “This is a clear attack by Bush on safe, legal abortion services
    and an opening for a resurgence of abortion clinic violence.”

I don’t know about you, but that sounds pretty alarmist
to me — not to mention extremely unrealistic. But when has
liberalism ever been couched in reality?

Would Ashcroft really sanction violence against abortion
clinics, as the “Reverend” Carlton Veazey hysterically charged? No.

As attorney general, will Ashcroft really trash civil rights,
civil liberties and equality before the law? Will he really “dis”
Latinos, blacks and other U.S. minority groups? In a word, no.

What makes me think so? Simple — the very Ashcroft record these
loonies are citing as the reason to hate and fear him.

I realize many lefties don’t give a rat’s rear end about the law —
unless it suits their purposes or can be manipulated to suit their
purposes. And I realize most libbies don’t mind the fact that Reno has
either ignored U.S. law or conspired to cover up violations of
constitutional and statutory law for eight years as Bill Clinton’s chief
protector on virtually every liberal ideological front.

But Ashcroft’s record as a senator, governor and public servant,
clearly indicates he will practice no such partisanship. To libs,
partisanship in their favor is the only way they can get things done.

Libbies know that Ashcroft could never get by with the things they
have said he will do as attorney general. Deep down, they probably
realize that he doesn’t even want to do such things.

That’s reality, however, and — as we know — libs aren’t too
familiar with reality.

Rather, liberal extremists are simply afraid of the morally
sound, traditionally American points of view Ashcroft holds and
will represent in public office. It is these views — this “foreign”
conservative ideology — that liberals hate so much.

And, since liberals can’t convince Americans to buy into their
ideology honestly, they have to convince them to do so
dishonestly. At one time, I think the Clintonites termed this the
“politics of hate and divisiveness.”

Oh yes — and so much for liberal “compassion,” eh?

In a former life as a radio talk show host and associate producer, I
have had the opportunity to talk one-on-one with Sen. Ashcroft. He is
honorable, forthright, intelligent and extremely fair-minded.

Despite these fine qualities, the pitiful scare tactics of the left
will continue against him throughout the entirety of his tenure. That’s
a given.

But in the end, I predict Americans will see through this
disingenuous cloak of fear and find that Ashcroft will bring renewed
respect for the institutions of true justice that helped mold this
nation into one of the greatest societies in history.

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