In his most dangerous move yet, Ehud Barak is preparing to surrender
sovereignty over the Temple Mount to the Arabs in the elusive quest for
peace in the Middle East. Somebody should remind Barak about Neville

It was British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain, who, together with
Eduard Deladrier of France, went to visit Adolf Hitler in Munich in late
1938. He secured a written promise signed by the Fuhrer that Germany
would make no territorial demands on the rest of Europe. He stood before
the cameras and newsreels around the world captured him, waving that
worthless piece of paper, and proudly declaring “peace in our time.”

Historians point to Chamberlain’s peace policies with Germany as a
textbook case of appeasement. It is a policy that has never worked in
history, yet every generation seems to spawn at least one guy who thinks
he’s the one that can pull it off. Evidently, Ehud Barak is this
generation’s Neville Chamberlain.

He is preparing to hand over the holiest site in Judaism to
Palestinian sovereignty, if he can convince the Israeli public to go
along. His handlers are already preparing the public for the
announcement that he will break a pledge made during his campaign not
to negotiate over Temple Mount. He’s even imported a team of
Clinton’s spin doctors to help redefine 3,000 years of Jewish history of
the area.

It appears that his announcement is somewhat late, given he’s already
conducted the negotiations, and has already told every body else, except
his own people, that he’s prepared to give it away.

Under the deal already negotiated, Temple Mount will come under
Palestinian sovereignty. Barak did win a “concession” that the
Palestinians would recognize that the mount is also holy to Jews.
That’s a concession? There are 767 references in the Old and New
Testaments to Jerusalem, and all of them in the context of being the
center of religious Judaism, whereas the Koran doesn’t mention the city
even once!

The Temple Mount is called Temple Mount because it is the site
of the First and Second Jewish Temples. The Wailing Wall is the Western
Wall of Solomon’s Temple!

“Conceding” that the Temple Mount is a Jewish holy place is like
conceding the sun rises in the east — it’s no concession at all. It’s a
fact so indisputable, it simply is.

You’d think Arafat would be jumping for joy! Together with the offer
of a state consisting of 95 percent of the West Bank, the package
exceeds his wildest dreams. An Arab state, with Jerusalem as its
capital, in possession of Al Aqsa? What more could the guy want?

Arafat is balking at the idea of giving up the Palestinian “right of
return.” Because securing the right of return gives Arafat the tools for
implementing the final phase of the planned destruction of Israel.

Once he’s succeeded in setting up his state, capturing Israel’s
capital and cutting away claimed rights to their most holy places, all
he needs to do is crowd them out. The Arab world can simply emigrate as
returning Palestinians until Israel is destroyed as effectively by peace
as it would have been if it had lost any of the numerous wars it fought
over its 52 year existence.

Arafat is getting everything he wants and essentially nothing is
being demanded in return except a pledge to stop the killing. As long as
Arafat can continue to grant meaningless concessions in exchange for his
enemy’s heart and soul, why bother with war?

Especially if, by holding out for a Palestinian “right of return” he
can conquer the Jewish state without having to risk anything more than a
few kids that are only costing him about $2,000 each? After enough
Arabs “return home” to smother the remaining Jewish population, even
that expense will evaporate.

Of course, this deal isn’t going to happen. Israeli elections will
take place on Feb. 6, and Barak is unlikely to prevail over Ariel
Sharon. And Sharon has already said he won’t give up Temple Mount under
any circumstance. It was Sharon’s visit to Temple Mount that sparked the
current intifada.

Arafat knows this, and that’s one of the reasons he hasn’t jumped at
Barak’s offer. If Sharon is elected, it is pretty much a foregone
conclusion that he’ll use Israel’s withdrawal of the Temple Mount offer
as an excuse for war.

Arafat doesn’t want a state beside Israel, he wants a state
instead of Israel. That is his ultimate objective, and it is the
reason he seems to be a man who can’t take “yes” for an answer. Every
“yes” Arafat hears brings him that much closer to the point where
nothing else can be gained by negotiations, and whatever is left will
come by war.

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