First of all, Merry Christmas to all WorldNetDaily readers. Thanks
for taking the time this year to read my musings. Right now with George
W. Bush warming up in the bullpen, a description he would like, some in
the media are beginning to analyze Bill Clinton’s eight years in office.
Alas, I am one of those.

As some of you know from watching my television program “The O’Reilly
Factor,” Mr. Clinton is not my favorite guy. But not for the reasons he
and others of the Democratic persuasion think. You see, I want my
president to be a problem solver and to put the folks ahead of his own
self in the pecking order of life. Let’s take a look at the record
regarding President Clinton.

As far as the economy is concerned Mr. Clinton did a good job
managing it up until this year when he went into the tank and stopped
governing. The president said not a word when OPEC slowed down
production, and that action is going to cause us a mini-recession in
2001. Since Mr. Clinton had no energy policy to fall back on, the OPEC
production cut and subsequent higher oil prices were a disaster for
working Americans and corporate profits. The reason the president did
not aggressively fight the OPEC action is that he desperately wanted
Arab cooperation in a Middle East peace deal, and he was too busy
raising money for the Democratic Party and himself to pay close
attention to macroeconomics. Mr. Clinton knew that any recession in 2001
was going be somebody else’s problem.

Thus the champion of the phrase “it’s the economy, stupid,” leaves
the American people with a very shaky and somewhat stupid economy, and
it did not have to be that way.

The situation points up what I believe is Mr. Clinton’s biggest fault
— he’s selfish. The presidency was all about him, not us. He is quoted
as saying he doesn’t know how history will treat him but no one had more
fun in office than he did. Swell. I’m glad he had so much fun. That’s
where I want my tax dollars to go — fun for the president. Are you
getting the picture here?

If not, here are a few more things that offended me about President
Clinton. He spent lavishly on himself and his family to travel the
world, and many of those trips were little more than fabulous junkets. I
know some of the people who went on them — no expense was spared. We’re
back to fun again.

Mr. Clinton also did nothing about the drug problem in America, the
illegal immigrant problem on the southern border, high health costs,
poor public school education and a deteriorating military. I repeat —
he did nothing about those problems in eight years. In fact some of them
got worse.

The president fiddled while America’s airline industry fell apart. He
appointed the incredibly incompetent Rodney Slater as Transportation
Secretary. Mr. Slater ran up huge expenses while doing nada.

And we all know about the nuclear secrets debacle and the campaign
finance illegalities. Also, I hope you have noticed that I did not
mention Monica Lewinsky one time.

On the plus side, Mr. Clinton cut the welfare rolls, increased home
ownership in America, kept inflation under control by balancing the
budget and kept crime down by effective use of block federal grants to
local law enforcement agencies.

But the American worker got slaughtered under Mr. Clinton, even if
Joe and Betty America don’t really know it. Taxes are the highest since
World War II and individual spending depletes almost all personal
income. In other words, many American workers are living paycheck to
paycheck. And those paychecks are no longer secure.

So I believe Mr. Clinton did little of lasting importance. Nobody is
going to remember the go-go economy of the ’90s 30 years from now. But
after eight years of Mr. Clinton, our kids still face a rampant
narcotics infestation, sky-high medical costs, poor public education, a
wobbly Social Security system and a jaded social outlook where about
half the population feels it is quite OK to lie under oath if you’re
talking about sex.

No question that Bill Clinton had brains and charisma and a big
opportunity to make this country a better place. For lack of a better
phrase, he blew it.

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