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WND's new strategic technical partner

For the first time in more than two years, WorldNetDaily has switched
to a new main server this week as part of a technical strategic
partnership with one of the Internet’s most innovative companies.

Joseph Farah, chief executive officer of WorldNetDaily, warns there
may be some intermittent access problems and “bugs” as a result of the
server switch on Thursday.

WorldNetDaily and

of Chicago, have agreed to a sweeping strategic partnership involving new relationships in content, technical, advertising and other aspects of the two businesses. AmericanEagle.com is primarily known as a website developer. It is the parent company of SportsTerminal.com, WorldNetDaily’s sports co-branding partner.

For the last two years, WorldNetDaily has been hosted by ISPChannel in the Silicon Valley, a company founded by WorldNetDaily Chief Technology Officer Bob Evans. That company is no longer providing hosting services effective this month.

With WorldNetDaily’s staggering growth in unique visitors and pageviews, maintaining rapid access to the site has always proved a challenge. Farah is convinced AmericanEagle.com is the best possible solution for the company.

“This partnership begins with a great relationship between me and the chief executive officer of AmericanEagle.com, Norb Svanascini,” says Farah. “The two companies complement one another in that WND.com is primarily a content company and AmericanEagle.com is primarily a technical company. We each have our strengths.”

Perhaps AmericanEagle.com’s most noted achievement to date is the creation of

which uses a four-step personalization process for users to link up to their customized sports category structure and converted streaming data technology by parsing a raw, live sports feed for up-to-the-second news and scores. ASP programming was utilized to create the individual user content while Dynamic HTML added to SportsTerminal.com’s organizational capability by creating box tabs under the top eight sports categories.

In a few short months since debuting on the Internet and through its advertising on the Rush Limbaugh radio program, Sportsterminal.com is one of the fastest-growing sports communities on the Internet and has ushered in a new era of sports personalization.

“SportsTerminal.com was conceptualized by a very rare combination of individuals within the Internet industry, people who love both the Internet and sports,” explained Farah. “Instead of controlling what you should see or hear, as is common with TV and radio, the idea behind SportsTerminal.com is that you make the choices.”

That same team is now working closely with WorldNetDaily in a number of areas — from hosting, to technical support, design, sales and advertising and content exchanges.