On Friday, WorldNetDaily published a story about a young man who was allegedly forced into an involuntary psychiatric exam because, it appears, he disagreed with Temple University’s decision to show a hideous and blasphemous play depicting Jesus as a homosexual who had sex with his male disciples.

The student, Michael A. Marcavage — business owner, Christian campus leader and a former White House intern with security clearance — has decided to sue the little commie security officials who forced him into a psych ward for his opposition to the showing of this play.

Gee, and you thought the liberal education establishment was all about “choice,” right? Well, it is — their choice, on their terms, at a time they deem appropriate.

That ain’t “choice.” That’s tyranny.

I know only what you know about this case, but if all holds true, my hope is that Marcavage becomes a rich Christian and the two little commie pinkos who did this to him never work in this country again. We’ll see what happens.

In the meantime, something has to be done about the commie, socialist, PC-driven agenda that is the core curriculum at most of America’s colleges and universities today.

Such agenda-oriented classes include mandatory attendance at “seminars” and semester-long courses on how to treat gays, lesbians and “transgendered people” more “compassionately,” as well as minorities, women, women minorities, immigrants, illegal immigrants, prisoners on death row, and probably Satan himself.

And you’re paying for much of this via government educational grants, loans and scholarships. What great news, huh?

Here’s an example:

My oldest daughter attends a local college; it’s her first year. Because the college was founded in 1866 for former black slaves and is now operated by liberal black “educators” with an agenda, all students must take a black minority-oriented “get familiar with our minority heritage” course, though nothing in that course will help her in her chosen profession. Also, only one-third of the students who attend this school are black; the rest are mostly white with a smattering of other ethnic groups.

Now, can you imagine a college or university run by whites forcing black students to take (and pay for) a “white heritage” class? Good heavens, the ACLU/NAACP-led lawsuits would never end.

Here’s another example:

A reader who read the “Temple University” story last Friday wrote to me, telling me that she too attended Temple in the late ‘70s.

Even then, students were being forced into racial, gay and lesbian “sensitivity” classes that, she said, featured films depicting some of the most vile, filthy homosexual acts you can imagine — all to make students “more sensitive” to the “special needs” of the “homosexual community.”

“To this day I still have those images in my head,” she said, adding that she resented the hell out of it because she didn’t feel she should have been in such a class to begin with.

She’s right, of course. If students want to take classes like these, fine — let them. Forcing them is another matter altogether.

It should be patently obvious by now that these elitist academic pinheads don’t care about “educating” students — they care mostly about advancing their liberal agendas and warped beliefs, even to the point of forcing their points of view on students by hook or by crook.

Fine — so what to do?

The most impressive change could come immediately, if the Bush educational department has the gumption. The administration should issue new rules forbidding schools from forcing students who accept tax money or federally-backed loans into classes obviously designed to foster an agenda. That’s most students right off the bat.

In fact, it wouldn’t hurt the Bush administration to extend these policies in the primary education system, either, or — for that matter — the military.

Secondly, the Internet presents unique opportunities for college education in the here and now. Entire schools will be set up online — much like former Education Secretary William Bennett’s K12 school, set to come online later this fall. The choice for students and parents will be to spend $100,000 on an education consisting mostly of forced “sensitivity” training or $30,000 on a four-year education consisting of coursework designed to train a student for a real career.

We all know how much liberal education weenies hate “school choice.” Now we know one of the biggest reasons why.

This liberal/socialist/communist educational agenda isn’t going to go away; we know that. But I couldn’t care less if those who espouse it stick around, so long as I can ignore, bypass or mitigate them in any and every way possible.

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