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'Island' show leadeth
none into temptation

Lot of bacon, little sizzle.

You won’t hear that on Fox TV’s promos for its new reality series, “Temptation Island,” but that’s the reality.

Despite unleashing hard-body singles on a Caribbean island to seduce couples into cheating, Fox producers couldn’t get any of them to succumb, say sources who
worked on the show.

“Unfortunately, no one had sex — unfortunately, because believe me, the producers wanted them to,” said a Fox worker involved in the video-taping and editing of the controversial series, which debuts tonight.

“They wanted dirt and they encouraged people to hook up” by pushing them into steamy situations with the singles, the source told WorldNetDaily on the condition of anonymity.

Producers even had all the participants — four couples and 26 single men and women, including a Playboy model and a masseur — tested for sexually transmitted diseases.

But the couples didn’t cooperate, leaving producers with mostly G-rated content to tease as X-rated over the coming several episodes.

“It’s so much tamer than the producers wanted,” the production assistant said. “They had to spice it up in the editing and promos to attract audience and get the ratings they hoped for.”

While Fox executives have downplayed the sexual angle in press conferences, the network’s promos are provocative. And Fox’s press materials are suggestive: “Cameras will capture every tantalizing moment.”

Executives in Fox TV’s Los Angeles office have done their own teasing, refusing to say whether any of the couples succumbed to temptation.

Ironically, the show has benefited in the hype department from conservative critics who are protesting the show for promoting promiscuity.

But critics can take heart in knowing that none of the couples took the carnal bait or broke up during the two weeks of shooting at the island resort off Belize.

“If you’re expecting to see any sex going on in the show, you’re going to be disappointed. Very, very, very few instances where someone even kissed,” the Fox insider said. “And no one broke up on the show, although one couple was really upset with each other.”

And another couple was kicked off the show after producers discovered — after about a week of taping — that they had failed to disclose, as required during auditions, that they had a child between them, as WorldNetDaily first reported. Fox drew the line at breaking up families.

The remaining couples’ chastity, however, may have had more to do with the omnipresent cameras than loyalty.

“They were on camera the entire time, so they just didn’t feel comfortable enough to do anything like that,” said the production assistant, who reviewed all the footage. “I mean, they had cameras going 24 hours a day.”

As many as three cameramen shadowed each contestant as they moved around the island. And cameras and microphones installed in their cabana ceilings spied on them all night.

The men bunked two to a cabana. Same for the women.

“People always went home at the end of the night and slept alone,” the assistant said.

And camera crews witnessed no off-camera hanky-panky, although a contestant and one of the singles were able to ditch a crew during a mountain hike for some six hours, insiders say.

“The show itself is a big tease,” the production assistant said. “Producers wanted the couples to screw around and get emotional and talk about it, but they didn’t. So they’re left with just hyping the possibility of couples breaking up over an affair.”

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