Ten years ago, Jesse Peterson was strung out on drugs, on welfare and driven by intense anger. In one short decade, he has become one of the most successful role models and counselors for the nation’s blacks. He has also become one of the foremost black critics of America’s current crop of “civil-rights leaders” and the methods they employ to secure support of the black community.

An articulate defender of freedom and family, Peterson works to educate blacks and encourages them to reject the “victimhood” mentality.

Peterson doesn’t mince words when talking about the future of the African-American community.

“I realize that if black Americans don’t get over their anger and resentment for white Americans, for the failings of their parents, for being lied to by Jesse Jackson and others, that things are going to get worse for them instead of getting better.”

Despite enduring name-calling and threats, Peterson’s clarion call has resonated among blacks.

“I have had guns drawn on me. All kinds of stuff has happened to me. But time has gone by, and people are starting to listen. A lot of black Americans who were angry at me at first have taken a second look. They’ve thought about what I have to say. You’d be surprised at the number of black Americans who are saying, ‘You are absolutely right. I never thought about it before. I never stopped to think as to why I was acting the way I was acting, and where my anger came from.'”

WorldNetDaily staff writer and talk show host Geoff Metcalf recently interviewed Peterson about his sponsorship of Monday’s “Second Annual Day of Repudiation of Jesse Jackson,” as well as his new book, “From Rage to Responsibility,” which is available at WorldNetDaily’s online store.

Look for Metcalf’s engaging interview with Jesse Peterson in Sunday’s edition of WorldNetDaily.

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