WorldNetDaily is introducing an important — and very different — new feature, designed to showcase “insider information, scoops, scandals and, generally speaking, fascinating, funny and outrageous behind-the-scenes stuff,” says WND founder and Editor Joseph Farah.

What’s it all about?

Dubbed “WND BACKROOM,” the new feature will not be published on WorldNetDaily’s website, but rather will be sent by e-mail to all recipients of WND’s daily e-mail “News Alerts.” That service is entirely free, and requires only that WND readers key in their e-mail address on the sign-up page. (E-mail addresses are kept strictly confidential and not shared with any other organization or individual.)

“This is something special — sort of a dessert — for our most loyal readers,” explained Farah.

Sent seven-days-a-week, free of charge, the service already provides a concise, one-page e-mail preview of the coming day’s entire WorldNetDaily edition — both news and commentary — an asset for busy people. In addition, the Monday Alert contains hotlinks to all of Saturday’s and Sunday’s WND exclusive stories, so that readers who missed the weekend edition can easily go back and access stories that interest them. Subscribers also receive notification of commercial offers and special deals WND deems of likely interest to our readers.

“But now,” said Farah, “the News Alert is evolving into much more. It is becoming a true WorldNetDaily insiders’ back channel for vital information. We encourage all of our readers to take advantage of this free service. It’s gotten just too good to miss.”

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Following is a sample of WND BACKROOM — which will not appear online except for this preview — in order to give readers a taste of the sort of fare the BACKROOM will be cooking up on a regular basis.

Special WorldNetDaily E-mail Alert

Introducing …


Dear WorldNetDaily readers,

This is the first “edition” of an exciting new feature we are adding – EXCLUSIVELY FOR OUR NEWS ALERT SUBSCRIBERS. It will not appear on WorldNetDaily.

In each edition of WND BACKROOM, we will bring forth behind-the-scenes news, insights, outrages, predictions and much more. Think of it as a tasty between-meals treat for your mind.

Ready? Here we go …

Feeding frenzy: WorldNetDaily exposes major scandals like Al Gore’s crooked past in Tennessee or the military being denied absentee ballots, and the rest of the media goes to sleep. But when Washington Bureau Chief Paul Sperry broke two back-to-back stories about Fox TV’s controversial “Temptation Island” show last week, the rest of the media went into a feeding frenzy with our story. Associated Press, USA Today, the New York Times, New York Daily News, New York Post, the television-magazine “Inside Edition,” and so on — all gushed over the story, giving WorldNetDaily credit. (In its usual form, The Washington Post stole our story and didn’t give us credit.) Is this a bread-and-circuses news media or what?

The Borking of John Ashcroft: As the Ashcroft confirmation fight heats up, James Ridgeway writes in the Village Voice: “Whoever takes Ashcroft head-on will have plenty of ammo. Ashcroft has left a lengthy trail of statements on his positions, which are far to the right of stock Republican tenets like limited government.”

OK, let’s have it. What are these radical statements that peg Ashcroft as an anti-American pariah? Hold on to your hats, as Ridgeway belts them out:

Ashcroft on homosexuality: “I believe the Bible calls it a sin, and that’s what defines sin for me.”

On taxes: “In Washington, taxes and spending are the only things more addictive than nicotine.”

On abortion: “We must start by voting to defend innocent human life. . . . God’s precious gift of life must be protected in law and nurtured in love.”

Wow! Those sure sound like outrageous views. Maybe Ashcroft goes to church and eats apple pie too.

WND reporter on military-ballot scoops: A few weeks before the Nov. 7 election, WND reporter Jon Dougherty began to receive some e-mails from concerned active-duty military men and women who hadn’t received the absentee ballots enabling them to vote for their next commander in chief. It became one of WND’s biggest stories of the election season. Here’s Dougherty’s behind-the-scenes account:

“At first these messages were sparse, but there were enough of them to give me and the editors at WND some pause, so we decided to go with a short piece detailing some of these concerns.

“Initially, the Pentagon was willing to talk about this phenomenon, albeit in a manner that was generally vague and non-committal — typical for the Defense Department.

“Nevertheless, the first spokesman I talked to — a Lt. Dave Gai — indicated that at least some ballots were not getting to military personnel at all, while some ballots probably would not reach others on time. Clearly this was a story worthy of telling, if for no other reason than because of earlier reports that the Clinton administration was mindful of the military’s pro-Republican bent.

“Within a day of that first story being published, on Saturday, Nov. 4, I — as well as WND’s editors — were inundated with hundreds, and perhaps thousands, of e-mail messages from other military members who had also never received their ballots.

“And by Election Day, the Pentagon was hard at work denying it had anything to do with military members not receiving their ballots — as well as denying that WND’s reports had any credibility.

“Our subsequent reports on the military absentee-ballot issue would prove the Pentagon wrong.”

Elian’s kidnapping ‘warmed his heart’: Check out the Media Resesarch Center’s “13th Annual Awards for the Year’s Worst Reporting” award for “quote of the year”:

“Yup, I gotta confess, that now-famous picture of a U.S. marshal in Miami pointing an automatic weapon toward Donato Dalrymple and ordering him in the name of the U.S. government to turn over Elian Gonzalez warmed my heart. They should put that picture up in every visa line in every U.S. consulate around the world, with a caption that reads: ‘America is a country where the rule of law rules. This picture illustrates what happens to those who defy the rule of law and how far our government and people will go to preserve it. Come all ye who understand that.'”
— Thomas Friedman, former New York Times reporter and occasional PBS Washington Week in Review panelist, April 25 New York Times column.

That’s all we’ve got room for now, but there’s much more coming. And I do mean much more. Stay tuned to this exciting new forum. It will be WND’s back-channel of hot information for our most loyal readers. Look for announcements (before they make it to our website), inside scoops, behind-the-scenes goings-on and other funny insider stuff.

See you soon in the WND BACKROOM,

Joseph Farah

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