The Supreme Court decided yesterday not to hear the case of a church awaiting seizure by U.S. Marshals — an action set in motion by an appeals court that said the church owes $6 million in back taxes, interest and penalties.

The church did not withhold certain employment taxes from employees’ paychecks, leaving individuals to decide whether or not to pay the taxes due. About 60 church employees passed IRS audits. But the agency determined the taxes should have been withheld and paid by the church, not individuals, and successfully sued the Indianapolis Baptist Temple.

As reported by WorldNetDaily, the Indianapolis Baptist Temple stands by its convictions that a church and its property belong only to God. However, what individuals choose to do with the money they receive from the church is their own decision, says IBT’s attorney Al Cunningham.

Members and friends of IBT are holding a rally today in response to what they say is “the death of religious liberty in America.” The rally begins at the church in Indianapolis at noon.

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