One of Bill Clinton’s most reprehensible acts occurred just hours before he vacated the White House. Under the cover of darkness, Bill cut a deal with a special prosecutor to keep from going to prison. Then he gave pardons to really bad people.

The press is starting to look into the 140 pardons that Clinton issued. They don’t like what they are finding. However, because Clinton was still the president when he again violated his oath of office, we can do nothing except expose him for the venal man that he is.

The best explanation of how bad Clinton’s pardon’s are appeared in Wednesday’s Austin American-Statesman. This is a left-of-center newspaper, but what Clinton did sickened them. Here are excerpts from its editorial entitled “Clinton’s parting shots at criminal justice system.” The “editorial” comments about their editorial are mine.

    Shortly after negotiating his own plea bargain for lying under oath, Bill Clinton again thumbed his nose at the criminal justice system by issuing pardons on inaugural morning for 140 charged with or convicted of crimes.

    In his last major act in office, Clinton handed out pardons like party favors. His first housing secretary, Henry Cisneros, got one, as did Cisneros’ one-time paramour, Linda Medlar Jones.

Cisneros and Jones had an affair when both of them were married to other people. Cisneros was San Antonio’s Mayor and Jones was one of his campaign workers. They convicted Cisneros of lying to the FBI and the U.S. Senate during his confirmation hearings. They convicted Jones of participating in a cover-up with Cisneros. For Bill Clinton, lying to the U.S. Senate is a “pardonable” offense. Now, Henry Cisneros, no longer a convicted criminal, is plotting his return to politics.

    Susan McDougal, who spent months in jail for refusing to tattle on Clinton in the Whitewater investigation, got one. So did half-brother Roger Clinton, convicted of a cocaine charge in 1985.

This deal gives us a sense of Bill Clinton’s third-world despot morals. You don’t squeal on me, and I’ll beat the system. You get convicted of a drug offense, and I’ll let you off the hook, little brother. But wait, it gets worse:

    Also pardoned were Austinite Ruben Johnson, convicted of bank fraud and former Austin radical Linda Sue Evans. Johnson was convicted of taking kickbacks from contractors working on a downtown bank building. He has not paid the $4,600,000 in restitution ordered by the court and owes $1,000,000 more in a civil suit settlement.

Johnson extorted money and got caught. They convicted him, sent him to prison and told him to pay restitution. They sued him in civil court, and he lost, but Johnson hasn’t paid a dime. In fact, he has used a homestead exemption to live in a mansion worth more than a million dollars while paying senior citizen taxes. According to Bill Clinton, this is a man who has “earned” a presidential pardon.

    But the pardon that truly reeks is the one granted fugitive financier Marc Rich. Charged in what was at the time the largest tax-evasion scheme in U.S. history, Rich fled to Switzerland. Rich was indicted on 51 counts of wire fraud, racketeering and evading $48,000,000 in taxes. He was also accused of trading with the enemy by illegally dealing Iranian oil when that country still held American Embassy hostages.

    Rich’s pardon came with an odor. His ex-wife, Denise Rich, was a major contributor to Hillary Rodham Clinton’s senate campaign and donated more than $200,000 to the Democratic National Committee. News reports say that Denise Rich and Marc Rich’s Washington attorney, Jack Quinn, sought the pardon. Quinn had served as Clinton’s White House counsel.

Marc Rich is a tax-evading multi-billionaire fugitive who fled America in 1983. When you add interest and penalties, he owes the U.S. over $600,000,000 in taxes, penalties and fines. His Swiss companies generate more than $30,000,000,000 in revenue each year.

Like Ruben Johnson, Marc Rich has never paid what he owes America. Now he can return to the U.S. and thumb his nose at those of us who struggle to pay our bills, feed our children and pay our taxes. Because according to Bill’s rules, if you give Bill’s wife and the DNC $867,000 and use Al Gore’s chief of staff as your attorney, you can buy a pardon.

    Some other pardons were little better. Evans was a committed terrorist sent to prison for buying guns with a false identification and conspiracy in the bombing of the Capitol in Washington. More egregious still was Clinton’s pardon of Evans’ associate Susan Rosenberg, a terrorist charged in a 1981 armored car robbery in which two police officers and a guard were killed. Her victims are beyond presidential benefit.

    There is a role in society for the presidential pardon, but it is a power to be exercised thoughtfully and cautiously. Clinton’s all-night pardon party was a travesty.

So there you have it. Clinton’s last official act was as profane as the man, and he’s not done. According to the press, he will make $100,000 a speech to cross the country talking about his vision for America.

My friends, Bill Clinton believes in nothing. He may no longer be president, but he will continue to do everything he can to pervert and destroy morality in America. Because his unpardonable pardons show that nothing is sacred to him.

So be on the lookout for an evil, smooth talking con man named Bill Clinton. He will soon be in a town near you leering at your daughters and sneering at your values.

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