The battle to confirm John Ashcroft as our attorney general is over. We have won this skirmish, but the long war to take back the soul of America continues unabated. If you think that Vietnam was a brutal war, strap on your flack jacket, because the battle for America’s soul will be much worse.

Evil people controlled our government for eight years. Their leader will put his lackey in control of the Democrat National Committee by the time you read this column. The left has developed a blood lust for power, and its adherents will say anything and do anything to seize control again.

Let us thank the eight brave Democrat senators who joined with their Republican colleagues to respect a former colleague of passion and principle. The attacks on John Ashcroft evidenced a foulness, a sickness, a perverted sense of right and wrong that is truly breathtaking. We, who know that there is no king but Jesus, must never forget that John Ashcroft’s biggest crime was to be a true believer.

Joe Lieberman can say what he wants, but he is dead wrong. Those who led the attacks against Ashcroft truly believe that there is no place in our government for men and women who truly believe in God. These people, led by the ACLU, known by some as the Anti-Christ Lasciviousness Union, are totally opposed to anyone who believes that there should be any limits on “individual self expression.”

They want a world where adults can have sex with children. They want a world where men are sperm donors, not fathers. They want a world where mothers have a constitutional “right” to murder their babies before they are born. They want a world where mentally ill people have the right to harass us on the streets, in our libraries and in our place of work. They want a world where they broadcast rape, incest, murder and all that is vile to our children 24-hours a day on television, in the movies and over the Internet. They will not support any laws — religious or otherwise — that make perversion illegal.

Some of you refused to vote for President Bush. You were so pure that you preferred to have an Al Gore than a true Christian conservative who knows how to work with nonbelievers. Can you now tell the difference? Did you really want four more years of sin and perversion in the White House?

It is time for you to pull your heads out of your self-righteous hole in the sand. Join the fight to take back America. We need you. Because the other side will never quit.

I applaud President Bush for making it possible for faith-based organizations to apply for federal funds to further their community development goals. It is time for us to fight for our religious heritage. It is time for us to insist that we believers have just as many rights as those who want to kill babies and violate his word.

I reject the ACLU’s vision for America. When I was growing up, we prayed in schools and didn’t have to walk through metal detectors. When I was growing up, most all of us went to church. It was a sin for a married man to have sex with someone other than his wife. Now it’s a presidential right. According to the left, if you’re just a minister or a mayor, you can have a baby with your lover and get a standing ovation. We are not better off because of eight years of Clinton-Gore-ACLU immorality.

We have just finished eight years of a government that said do whatever you want, because there are no consequences for being sinful. Have babies out of wedlock, and we’ll force others to pay for them. Commit crimes in your schools and homes, and we’ll blame the gun companies for your failure to have self control. But don’t you ever try to talk about God, or we will bring the full weight of the federal government down upon your heads. As if those of us who truly believe even care.

Is that your vision of America? Is that the America you want for your children? Do you really think that we will be better off if we keep God out of our government? Or, do you understand that all the First Amendment mandates is that the federal government not create a state religion.

My friends, it is time for us to declare holy war on those nonbelievers who would strip us of all of our rights and use our money to violate our most sacred beliefs. The history books are littered with countries that collapsed because they denied the existence and the power of God.

Let us not lose the America we love to the forces of evil. Rise up, my friends. It is time to shoulder the cross, hold up that bloodstained banner and fight for our Lord.

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