On Thursday WorldNetDaily’s one-time sponsor and creator, the Western Journalism Center, published a story providing details of a congressional attempt to get to the bottom of vote fraud allegations that cropped up after the controversial Nov. 7 election.

According to Ken Timmerman’s report, which is an update of earlier congressional vote fraud inquiry announcements, two separate “panels” are to be set up — one that is bipartisan, and another to be established strictly by and for Democrats, for the purpose of which one can only guess.

Timmerman said “the Democrats were seeking to name Reps. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., and Jesse Jackson Jr., D-Ill., to the task force and pledged to focus attention on alleged ‘disenfranchisement’ of black voters in Florida to deflect Republican allegations of voter fraud,” quoting a GOP staffer familiar with the plan. News reports on Thursday confirmed that.

Now I don’t know about you, but it’s plain to me already that the effort being launched by Democrats is nothing but a partisan effort to sour President George W. Bush’s electoral victory and continue to wage what columnist David Limbaugh recently termed the “four years war” against this administration.

Writing before the end of the post-election legal wrangling initiated by sore losers in the Gore ranks, David said, “Bush, as the lawfully elected president, will likely assume the presidency in a war not of his making. While he should still reach out to Democrats in an effort to work with them, he should be prepared to govern over their planned obstruction (my emphasis) and must not retreat from his programs.”

Sound advice, considering that Clinton, “despite being elected by only 43 percent of the popular vote, did not scale back his programs one smidgen,” David said.

What makes it plain that the Democrats are engaging in their own investigative effort merely to thwart the real effort aimed at unearthing legitimate vote fraud?


  • The GOP initiative specifically calls for a bipartisan panel of lawmakers; the Democratic initiative specifically excludes members of the opposition party;

  • The leader of this Democratic panel, Rep. Maxine Waters, has said — recently — that she could never consider the Bush presidency “legitimate”;

  • House Minority Leader Dick Gephardt readily jumped on this GOP-led initiative, in which he immediately tried shifting the focus to the contested state of Florida while ignoring more justifiable claims of likely Democratic vote fraud committed in his own state, in his own district, in Missouri.

But wait, you say — wouldn’t the Republicans do the same thing? I answer that with a question of my own: “Are they?”

But wait, you say — wouldn’t the Republicans do the same thing if they were the minority party? Again, I ask a question: “Would the Democrats let them?”

How could Democrats stop a Republican minority from forming their own panel? In reality, they couldn’t, but — since liberals in Congress have much better access to the predominantly liberal establishment press — Democrats would put a de facto stop to any singular GOP effort by delegitimizing it in the media before it ever got started.

By going off on their own little witch-hunt, Democrats have demonstrated they’re not interested in the whole truth. They’re simply interested in finding examples of vote fraud that may have benefited Republicans — again, in an effort to “prove” Mr. Bush’s presidency is “illegitimate” — though most everyone in the country now realizes that voter fraud was rampant in a bipartisan fashion and in virtually every corner of the U.S.

Indeed the press has already begun to give the separate Democratic probe legitimacy by reporting it en masse. No one “out there” in medialand seems fit or interested enough to question why a separate liberal panel is needed, why it is being headed by a congresswoman who already has her mind made up about Mr. Bush’s presidency and why Democrats aren’t satisfied in discovering the extent of voter fraud through the original bipartisan panel.

Are they afraid of what that panel may find? Are they — like Gephardt — trying to redirect this probe away from known Democratic voter fraud activities? Are they convinced that a panel inhabited by majority Republicans will discover the true motives behind Gore’s fraudulent vote-tampering efforts in Florida? Is this separate panel really just damage control — a body created to provide “another opinion” to willing media allies in order to create doubt about the accuracy of the first panel’s eventual findings?

These are legitimate questions based on past Democratic interference in other warranted investigations of this kind, and frankly, it’s so predictable now — after eight years of Clinton — that any Politics 101 student can see it.

I know the man has more important things to do, but since the GOP cannot count on much help from the mainstream press, perhaps President Bush should speak out against this illegitimate Democratic effort to stall or obfuscate the bipartisan voter fraud investigative panel — before this inquiry even begins. A sort of preemptive strike, if you will.

Clinton used his presidential bully pulpit for such things to great effect. After years of stealing Republican thunder on a number of issues, it would suit conservatives well to see their allies in power do the same to the liberal enemies of truth.

As the 18th century poet Alexander Pope wrote, “Truths would you teach, or save a sinking land?” An appropriate question for Democrats these days.

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