The debate over school violence has heated up again because another spate of school shootings has once more brought home the reality that, even in the “sanctity” of our educational establishments, no one is really “safe.”

This is your “education system,” America — or, what it has become, anyway. A pathetic failure. And the failure is being driven by bleeding-heart establishment liberals who live so far out on the edge that they haven’t known reality since they were sperm.

As before, millions are shaking heads in disbelief and asking, “Why? Why does this keep happening?” And, as before, too many are too quick to blame the instrument, guns, rather than the attitudes, motivation and driving forces behind these senseless attacks.

Does anybody really understand that this violence — which used to be confined to inner-city neighborhoods and prisons — has now found its way routinely into our schools? I don’t think so; I think the denial is just too strong.

Pity. This denial is murdering our children. It is killing them in what ought to be the safest places outside the home they could be in.

We even had a shooting this past week in a Catholic school; and it was allegedly committed by a girl this time, not a couple of “psycho boys” dressed in trench coats.

Let’s be clear: it ain’t the guns, and it ain’t the gun laws. Enough already.

Here’s another news flash: This “phenomenon” isn’t going to go away until we stop denying the root cause — that our violence-ridden pop culture attitude is creating a whole generation of monsters who don’t give a damn about human life.

Look, it’s already illegal for kids to possess handguns in most states, and it’s illegal for them to have one at school. Murder — by handgun, shotgun, “riot” gun, “assault” gun, pellet gun, stun gun, or elephant gun — is illegal; threatening murder is illegal; attempted murder is illegal.

We can’t make these crimes more illegal, like we’re trying to do with so-called “hate crimes.” Meanwhile, parents especially are going to have to stop thinking, “My kid would never do anything like that,” because these are precisely the kids who are doing this.

Finally, we’re going to have to reconcile the fact that we have so screwed up our culture — with over-permissiveness, over-indulgence, and by turning a blind eye to encroaching corruption, immorality, and “no boundaries” behavior — that we’re well on the way to destroying ourselves a little at a time.

Nowhere are these societal failures more evident than in our nation’s schools.

Consider, first of all, that it’s a huge failing on our part that our schools — once believed to be sanctuaries for our youth — are now filled with metal detectors, cops, drug-sniffing dogs and video cameras.

Consider too, that the moment we hear of another school shooting, we clamor for more of these so-called “protections,” as if the absence of these items — or the reduced presence of them –somehow causes the crime.

We want to vilify the first person who declares that guns are not the cause or that more “security” is not the answer, as being “extremist” and “out of touch” — as if implementing these things is preventing the attacks.

They are not.

But we never stop to ask ourselves publicly, “Why in God’s name do we even have to have guards, dogs, cameras, cops and metal detectors in our schools in the first place? What has happened to force us to make these changes?”

They say a classic sign of mental illness is repeatedly doing something that is either harmful to you or has already proven itself pointless and inane.

A-hem. Did that sink in? Or are we just crazy enough to “demand” more of the same failures as “solutions” to these school shootings? Are we prepared — as we have in the past — to say, once again, “No, really, it’ll work this time”?

We can continue to spend hundreds of billions of dollars “improving” test scores, buildings, computer labs and the local football team, but this expenditure will do nothing to strengthen discipline, teach respect, and reinstate the kind of behavioral beliefs that kept our schools safe in an intangible way for centuries. Centuries, folks.

To accomplish this, our “leaders” have to stop listening to the whiny, tiny minority and do for us what we (and they) know to be right. No lawsuits, no courts, no federal regulations, no interference.

However, if parents, lawmakers and concerned citizens don’t get any help from the entertainment industry and the pop culture outlets, nothing we do in our schools to convert attitudes will help anyway.

To blame guns or parents who own guns for the shootings in our schools is so over-simplistic and incredibly short-sighted it is becoming obscene. And it’s getting old, too. We’ve been here, we’ve done that. It isn’t helping; in fact, by denying reality, blaming the wrong things is actually destructive.

We have an “attitude” problem among our youth, folks, not a “gun” problem, and it is worsened by a distinct lack of strict, easily-identifiable and enforceable moral standards. The “anti-norms” being pushed in our society are, quite frankly, killing our children.

We can either accept this fact or we can keep burying our kids. Personally, I choose the former. I’m sure you will, too.

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