If you are a yellow-dog Democrat, you hate Jesse Jackson and Bill Clinton. Their actions during the last days of the Clinton administration snatched defeat out of the jaws of victory for the Democrats.

If you are a nationally prominent Democratic elected official, on the other hand, you couldn’t be happier. Because when the dust settles, Bill and Hillary and Jesse Jackson will have less political power than the man who picks up your trash.

Think about where the Demos were when the U. S. Supreme Court stopped the recount in Florida. Al Gore had won the popular vote. The Dems had convinced many Americans that, but for the court’s intervention, Gore would become the next president. People were angry. And since 50.0000001 percent of voting Americans cast their ballots for Gore, the Dems were well positioned to stoke the fires and become an awesome political force in 2001.

Just when the Dems were picking up speed, Jesse Jackson’s not-too-secret lust for women other than his wife exploded on the political scene. Remember, for the Democrats, cheating on your wife isn’t wrong. However, these abortion-loving folks won’t cotton a national “leader” having an “illegitimate” baby. And that’s exactly what Jesse “lover man” Jackson did.

This is the same “reverend” who counseled Bill and Hillary during the Monica scandal. This is the same “reverend” who was Al Gore’s chief attack dog against candidate George W. Bush. This is the same “reverend” who was going to lead the effort to de-legitimize the Bush presidency. A man who was a lying, sanctimonious fraud. When Jesse went down, the Democrats lost their “the election was stolen” issue.

The Dems might have recovered from Jesse’s fallen status. After all, who really respects him anyway?

However, Pardongate is another matter. Every day we learn more about the evil, filthy, stealing, sex-crazed, cocaine-dealing, tax-dodging, bank-robbing, cop-killing criminals that Bill Clinton pardoned. This time, even the Democrats haven’t figured out how to say that what Clinton did was unimportant.

The pardons weren’t the only foul acts of the Clintons. First he and Hill tried to steal White House furniture and gifts. Then we find out that all of Bill and Hill’s relatives were running in and out of the White House trying to make their last dollars before the cash counter closed. The Dems might have explained that away as just trailer trash in action. However, Bill’s pardon of Marc Rich, an extremely wealthy and evil man, destroyed the Democrats’ momentum.

Democrats might have explained Bill’s pardoning drug lords, terrorists, bank robbers, and government officials who stole, cheated and lied. But a wealthy man who fled the country to avoid paying tens of millions of dollars in taxes! That one act was the final straw. When it was added to the pile of Bill Clinton crap, the dam finally broke. And the first victims were Democrats in Congress.

President Bush has been in office for a month and a half. Because of Pardongate, he has had the stage to himself. The Democrats have been forced to address his issues. Continuing revelations about brothers and brothers-in-law have drowned their voices out selling access to the president for profit. Every day we learn ever more about how evil the Clintons are. The people who are paying the price are Democrat politicians.

Next year, every member of the U.S. House of Representatives will stand for election. Now is the time that parties look for candidates to run in the primaries. What sane Democrat wants to run for Congress now? Pardongate is real. People are going to go to federal prison for a long, long time. Before they go, they are going to say things that are going to further hurt the Democrats.

Not that I am complaining, mind you. The Democrats made a pact with the devil and they are getting exactly what they deserve.

It will get worse, much worse, before it is over. Any hope that the Democrats had at regaining control over Congress evaporated as Bill signed pardon, after pardon, after pardon.

So the Democrats are going to return the favor. Jesse Jackson is now only a legend in his own mind. He is irrelevant. He has lost all political power and relevance.

What is going to be more interesting is the dethroning of the Clown Prince and his Queen. Instead of controlling the Democratic Party for the next 20 years, Bill and Hill are going to be frozen out in the cold. Here’s why:

Bill is 54. Hill is 53. He’s the youngest ex-prez that we’ve seen in decades, and she has just become a U.S. senator. They are more articulate and charismatic than all of the other Democrats combined. If Bill hadn’t spit in everyone’s face on the way out the door, he and Hill could have dominated the Democratic Party until they died.

Everyone knows that Hill planned to run for president in 2004. That’s why they picked Al Gore as VP. If she didn’t win in 2004, she was going to run again in 2008. If she won in 2008, and was reelected, she would be in power until 2017. Kind of takes your breath away, doesn’t it?

The plan was that when Hill won, she and Bill would return to the White House as the most powerful political couple in the history of the world.

Now think about how that vision felt to Democrats with national aspirations. They hated it. Because they knew that by the time the Clinton era ended, their chance for fame and glory would have passed.

Dick Gephardt, a man of unlimited ambition, is dull. If he has to wait until 2016 to run for president, he’ll make Bob Dole look like a young man. How about Tom Daschle. Decent and boring. Or Joe Biden. More colorful, but burdened with being forced to drop out of the 1988 presidential primaries when he plagiarized the words of others. They can’t wait until 2016. They’ll be too old.

Until Pardongate, they had no choice. The Clintons were on a roll. They were in control. It was their party, and no one else was invited. Then they got greedy and blew it all.

Make no mistake about it my friends, the Democrats want to bury Bill and Hill more than we conservatives. Because they are tired of making excuses for evil, lying people. In their heart of hearts, even Democrats know that for most Americans, character does matter.

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