On March 6, WorldNetDaily published a story based on FBI data that showed blacks were one-and-a-half times more likely than whites to commit hate crimes.

That story was based partly on FBI statistics and partly on research done by the Libertarian Party.

The essence of the story was this: Although “hate-crime” legislation has been championed by minority groups in hopes it would discourage racially motivated crime, a recently released FBI crime report reveals that a higher percentage of blacks than whites are charged with race-biased “hate crimes.”

That’s pretty ironic, considering that most Americans are fed the lie that, no, whites are more likely to commit so-called hate crimes against blacks.

But this statistic did not surprise me; I’ve been hearing trickles of information regarding this very thing for a few years now. I’ve been waiting for the mainstream media to pick up on it, but the fact that it won’t tells me this is an issue the media is choosing not to report because it violates pre-conceived, politically correct notions. That’s pathetic, but that too is typical.

What bothers me most, however, is that despite this reversal of truth, there are still far too many thinking people who honestly believe that crimes committed against persons because of their race, religion, gender or sexual orientation are somehow worse than crimes committed for other reasons.

Also, some analysts have said that America “needs” federal hate crime legislation because too many local-yokels still look the other way if or when hate-related crimes are committed.

I don’t doubt they do, but as the black vs. white hate-crimes data suggests, perhaps some “locals” are also looking the other way when the “protected” classes of people are committing the crimes — probably because they fear being labeled as racists if they pursue guilty parties who don’t happen to be of “majority” color.

These quirks in enforcement of the law are still no reason to push for hate-crimes bills on the federal level, for many reasons.

First, though some locals may hesitate to pursue legitimate hate crimes because they fear being labeled or because they secretly agree with the person committing the crime, there are always state-level agencies that can step in and take over investigations if the locals aren’t doing their job.

Second, hate-crimes legislation, in and of itself, only fosters more hate because it seeks to establish protected classes of people and, hence, fosters resentment among the other groups.

To me, it makes no difference if some thug kills my wife because he wants her purse or because she’s a “white woman”; in the end, she is just as dead and the perpetrator should be caught and punished just as severely for murder as he or she otherwise would have been.

To proscribe more punishment — a sort of “murder-plus” punishment program — because my wife was murdered over her race is not going to comfort me any more or any less.

Most importantly, however, such “extra” punishment does nothing to promote the very American principle that we’re all supposed to be created, looked upon and treated equally.

As it is, America is severely divided along racial, sexual, religious and political lines already. Divide-and-conquer seems to be the political order of the day; politicians, policy experts and private advocacy groups engage in this sort of destructive behavior all the time, and it shows.

Hate-crimes laws only exacerbate the divisiveness; you cannot claim to support equality under the law by making crimes committed against certain types, colors, or kinds of people somehow more important or more heinous.

Indeed, if there were no such thing as “hate-crimes” laws, then supporters of same would not have to worry about them not being enforced in any venue — local, state or federal. If laws are not being enforced, we have lawyers, courts and agencies on the state level that already deal with these inequities.

Here’s another irony. At one time laws in many parts of this country were intentionally skewed to favor majority whites. Rightfully, over the years, the American people have demanded that our leaders “equalize” these laws and end the special treatment shown whites.

Now, with the advent of “hate-crimes” laws, we seem to be promoting legal regression, only this time the laws are being written to favor special minority groups.

If it was wrong for the law to favor whites — and it was — it is equally wrong to write laws that favor minorities and special interest groups.

A crime is a crime, regardless of who commits it or why. And the Constitution already requires equal treatment for all under the law. You cannot create special laws for certain people and feign to call that “equal treatment.”

At the same time, you can’t pass these laws and honestly expect that most people won’t be offended by them or feel cheated and “separated” by them.

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