In the Christian worldview, Satan and his demons are ancient — as old as
man — more accurately, older than man. Since demons never die, and humans of
course do return to dust, the demonic world has had many millennia to
analyze human nature. Eventually, Satan and his legions have become experts
at influencing human beings, the leaders of nations and thus the course of

If there is a Satan, then he may work through the following modus operandi —
a technological pitchfork as it were. It reminds one of the film, “Omen III,”
in which the Antichrist, played devilishly by Sam Neil, wants to take
control of the minds of the young people of the earth through the U.N. Youth

Take for example the March 10 New York Post and its story about World Wrestling Federation wrestling and how it treats women. The article gives an interesting look at how dark forces may be shaping the minds of the future generation of Americans.

Standing in the center of the wrestling ring on his March 5 WWF cable show, Vince McMahon, before the sold-out MCI Center in Landover, Md. — the audience packed mostly with children, teens and young adult males — ordered one of his “full-breasted female performers, who goes by the name Trish Stratus” to strip.

Stratus stood in front of McMahon. He then began to scream at her as if
he’d gone berserk. He began to verbally degrade and humiliate her, hollering
that she needed even more punishment. And this, apparently, was what the
young males in the audience had been waiting for because they stopped giving
the finger to the TV cameras (one of the WWF’s, and now the XFL’s,
encouraged images) and exploded in delight.

McMahon’s verbal abuse held the promise of sexual and physical abuse.

And McMahon rarely disappoints.

McMahon waited for his desensitized disciples to calm down. Then he demanded
that Stratus remove her shirt. And McMahon’s constituency again roared its

Stratus, feigning fear and reluctance, removed her shirt to reveal an
inadequate bra. Again, McMahon’s audience went wild as he gazed out with his
practiced, self-satisfied, professional creep look. But McMahon wasn’t done
with Stratus nor with entertaining the kids who comprise his power base and
explain his popularity among unconscionable TV executives. The nationally
televised, primetime verbal and sexual abuse of one of McMahon’s female
performers — “ho’s,” as McMahon’s characters have taught little boys to call
little girls — would continue.

McMahon, the same fellow who the governor of Minnesota reports to, next demanded that Stratus remove her skirt. Again the boys in the MCI Center erupted with approval.

Off with the skirt.

Stratus now stood in front of a national TV
audience, whimpering, dressed only in a feckless bra and thong panties. And
the little boys and the bigger boys in the MCI Center absolutely loved it.
McMahon then teased the audience that whatever was left on Stratus would be
coming off. The crowd jumped for joy. Then boos were heard, as McMahon in
the role of the merciful pervert, removed his own jacket and draped it over

Girls are still called “ho’s” and are told to “suck it” by boys pointing to
their crotches — acts taken directly from McMahon programming. Backyard pro-wrestling shows — kids being smashed against tables until they break while
another kid captures the action on the family camcorder — have become a
standardized after-school activity. There’s no running from an
entertainment media that so directly targets kids for shock treatments until
their pliable senses, with little time to develop, are numbed. Vigilant
parents can’t hide their kids from the Vince McMahons because they’re
pervasive. Meanwhile, the kids closest to the edges are pushed closer and

To know McMahon is to know that he might’ve saved Monday’s sexual
degradation act for the MCI Center. That’s his kind of inside joke — the
kind that Jesse Ventura, the governor of Minnesota but still in McMahon’s
employ, used to crack on WWF shows about the sexual deviance that went on
behind closed doors in the WWF. And to know McMahon is to know that he
would extend Monday’s sickness into Thursday’s “Smackdown” on UPN, a network
so desperate and bereft of virtue that its newscasts are loaded with WWF
promotions that are presented as news.

Thus Thursday’s show, starting at 8 p.m., picked up where the Stratus angle
ended, with McMahon suggesting that another sex kitten be targeted for the
same sexual degradation and humiliation. Wrestling, after all, is as
relevant to the WWF as football is to the XFL.

And, because shamelessness is McMahon’s stock in trade, he proudly stressed
the words “humiliation” and “degradation” while promising that this one
would be worse (better) than the last. Linda McMahon, Vince’s shameless
wife, was in on this one. As McMahon prepared to abuse another female
performer, Mrs. McMahon was rolled out in a wheelchair — so McMahon could do
it right in front of her. She played the role of a woman who had become
immobilized and catatonic due to the sordid behavior of her husband, who was
happy to entertain little boys, teens and young adults by rubbing it in her

And the kids in the audience loved it.

Mrs. McMahon, it’s worth noting, this past summer accepted an invitation to
address a luncheon held by the Republican Party at its presidential
convention in Philadelphia. Topic: The American Dream.

And although McMahon also includes his son and his daughter in his
desensitizing low-life WWF skits, NBC Sports President Dick Ebersol proudly
stated that should death suddenly strike him, he’d have McMahon serve as his
kids’ “guardian.”

Is this not quite sick? It is certainly not sexy or erotic; it is violent
and revolting and evil. The wife of the head of the WWF was brought to
speak to the Republican Convention on the “American Dream.”

Well, if so, then we know that the American Dream is dead, and has been for
a long time.

What do we have in its place? We have the American Nightmare. Just read the
headlines: AIDS, divorce, gangs, debt, shootings, crime, political
correctness, drugs, abortion, eugenics, euthanasia on and on ad nauseam.

What is more depressing: the news itself, or the liberal media’s spin about
the meltdown?

If there is a Satan, then we must presume there is also a God. If there is a
God and He is righteous, then will judgment come to America? And if so,
what form might the judgment take?

A quick perusal might include race riots. What about financial debt collapse? Wicked leaders — the return of Hillary and Al in 2004 on the heels of a Wall Street meltdown? Islamic terror from Libya, Iran, Iraq or Algeria? Russian and Chinese missiles? More massive Third World immigration? Perhaps biological warfare? Natural disasters?

The stock market is way down. One major index climbed to 5000 last year, now
it has fallen to 2000. Remember when the idiot meat puppets on the idiot box
were crowing how we had “entered a new era” and that the “market would climb
forever”? They were saying this in the 1920s, too, about RCA and the “new
technology” of radio in that era.

Will you be sad to watch the market crash? When you know China is the
largest owner of U.S. treasury bills of debt? That China has invested
heavily in our stock market? That we buy and invest in China when they use
slave labor of Christians in their factories?

I say fine. Let it crash. Wall Street greed has blinded this nation to the
point where we cover our eyes like children and believe we can somehow
change reality by participating in a mass delusion. But will such a meltdown produce revival? Or more statist controls like America saw in the 1930s under FDR? Would not the average American be clamoring for any one, even a dictator to “bring back the prosperity and
false idols?”

To be honest, after living most of the 1990s abroad, I don’t understand
America anymore. I have expectations for America, as opposed to Thailand or
Jordan. So when America is dying, it upsets me. Is there hope? Sure. The
namby-pamby Christians will say, “Oh things will just get worse; the Bible
says so. Let’s not get too upset about it and just focus on the positive.”

This, while millions are led into hell by the government-banking-media-entertainment complex as Christians are marginalized from the culture at a level our grandparents would find truly frightening.

By now any thinking person can see that Bush Jr. will not turn around this
country. Abortion, even at nine months? Do you see Ashcroft whimpering before the baby
killers in Congress? What would you have given to hear Ashcroft say, “Don’t
worry Maxine Waters, you can mutilate and poison all the babies you want.”

Let’s face facts: There is no real debate in this nation, no real
information. Ralph Nader was removed from even sitting in the presidential
debates. Can you imagine how Nader and Pat Buchanan would have ripped the
throats out of Al Gore and Bush in a real debate? Instead, we are left with the massive lies of the elites who run this nation.

Who are these elites? ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX. The Federal Reserve. Wall Street.
Goldman Sachs. Madison Avenue. The United Nations. Certain select Senate and
congressional committees. The New York Times. Washington Post. What is the
difference between the “Ministry of Truth” in Orwell’s 1984 and a few like-minded men named Eisner, Gates, Murdoch and Turner who control most of the media in 2001?

How very sad for our country to be caught in this web. We traded in our
traditional values for a bowl of debt-ridden globalist porridge.

Perhaps the only sanity we can find is when the elites must attack even
those it has co-opted. Examples? Puff Daddy, a.k.a. Sean Combs, has been through the legal wringer in New York for the sin of carrying around a gun. I live not far from
Puffy’s mansion and I can tell you — the elite socialites in New York love to
come to his house parties. Yet don’t forget that New York is one of the gun-control freakazoid states. Though Puffy debases the morals of the youth with
his puffed, yet empty, black-gangland anarchy lyrics, he must be crushed for
the ultimate sin of “self defense” with a gun.

Bill Gates is another elite totally co-opted. Gates gives tons of money for
abortion and birth control services — a primary goal of the New Age occult
elite. Yet Gates also spurred the growth of the Internet, which allows the masses the
chance to exchange information the elite would rather control themselves.

And look what they did to poor NFL great Reggie White for daring to speak
out against the sodomite agenda and abortion. Forget affirmative action, the
Bible-toting black preacher is public enemy No. 1 — with all due
apologies to Puff Daddy.

Given this cultural fallout, many wonder if we are in the end times, and that the Kingdom of the Antichrist is emerging. Who can say for sure?

Perhaps Vince and Linda McMahon have the answers. If not, they have
presented us with perhaps the most important question of our time:

Who is controlling the minds of our children, and to what end?

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