As a news organization, WorldNetDaily’s first priority is to its readers.

To this webpaper’s management staff, corporate board and reporters, there are no sacred cows; if “something is amiss” or there is corruption about, then WND will investigate it, confirm it and report it.

So few other media organizations, quite frankly, have the guts to do what we do. That’s not arrogant, or at least, not meant to be; it’s simply a fact. If that hurts, so be it — we have demonstrated what other news organizations should have been doing all along. If they still won’t — and most aren’t — believe me, we’re more than happy to oblige.

Indeed, our core readers have come to expect such bold investigative reporting from us; our new readers — more every day — find WND a refreshing breath of air in a news world polluted with the fumes of politically correct, agenda-driven, infotainment.

We have editor in chief and CEO/founder Joseph Farah to thank for this vision — his vision — that has enabled us to deliver this wonderful news product called WorldNetDaily to readers. Your continued loyalty and our webpaper’s growth vindicate that vision daily.

In this vein, it is with great pleasure that I am able to announce the publication of my special report, “Election 2000: How the Military Vote Was Suppressed,” now available in paperback from WND.

This book represents a triumph not only for WND, but also for Mr. Farah’s vision: A “new media” approach to old-style investigative reporting.

“How the Military Vote Was Suppressed” lays bare, in detail, all the evidence, data, and information about a very serious problem that was exacerbated by the closeness of the 2000 presidential election — the suppression of votes from one of our most valuable “minority groups,” the military.

Evidence suggests that this suppression was both intentional and unintentional — the former due to politically-motivated corruption; the latter stemming from a chronically outmoded system that is over 100 years old and that, despite expenditures of $300 billion a year, the Defense Department can’t or won’t fix.

Soldiers, sailors, Marines, airmen and Coast Guardsmen protect this country — often from itself — in some of the worst geographic and political climes in the world. They do it not for money or glory, but out of a deep, abiding sense of reverence and esteem for a country that often disrespects them, itself and other nations.

It is truly one of the most noble of “noble professions.” If any “minority group” deserves the right to vote, it is those men and women who protect that right to vote.

Yet tens of thousands of them didn’t get to vote in the last election. Some of the reasons why will anger you, disgust you and — hopefully — motivate you to push our leaders to demand changes to the Pentagon’s seriously deficient balloting process.

Never, never should these valued men and women be subject to the political corruptness of any administration. Never should their votes be taken for granted or, in this case, omitted without cause, justification, or consequences for those who seek to suppress them.

Our readers should know that, based on our unique, unsurpassed and beginning-to-end coverage of this travesty, our basic mission was fulfilled.

Our leaders should know that this nation’s military personnel — who serve in any capacity — are one of our most valuable resources and that, without them, the United States would cease to exist. No nation as envied or as reviled as America can stand for long without men and women willing to defend her.

Forcing those men and women to defend one of our basic rights — a right neglected and taken for granted by far too many of us — while denying that right to them is an abomination.

I encourage you to get your copy of this book not as a favor to me or WND, but as a service to those who defend us day and night, in some of the most awful places imaginable, and under some of the most adverse conditions that many of us could never imagine or survive.

Use the information presented in those pages to push for changes that will enable our military personnel to take full advantage of a right they help guarantee for the rest of us.

Trust me, they will appreciate it.

And so will WorldNetDaily.

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