Dear Camille:

It’s time to get out of

I’ve looked over this highly touted content site with an eye toward picking up the worthy pieces when it crashes and burns. And, after much scrutiny, I have come to the conclusion that you are the only editorial asset of interest to You’re it. There’s nothing else. You are the franchise, as far as I’m concerned.

No, I never went to to read James Carville. I can get more of David Horowitz at his own website. Joe Conason is a jerk. And who is Amy Reiter? It’s you, Camille. You are the only star pundit at

According to news reports, has about 90 days of life left. Investor capital is running out fast. The burn rate is about to consume Bill Clinton’s favorite Internet “news” site. At last glance, stock is trading at 37 cents.

Camille, we don’t want you to go down in flames with You are the kind of unpredictable, eclectic writing talent that belongs at, the leading independent newssite.

Now, if you want big money up front, this is not the place for you. You see, we have a different business philosophy at WorldNetDaily. We believe we need to be responsible stewards of investor capital and keep our expenses in line with our revenues.

But the long-term opportunities for you here are far greater than they ever were at

Just ask Bill O’Reilly. He used to write for, another highly touted Internet newssite that didn’t pay attention to the bottom line. When APBNews went belly-up, we asked O’Reilly to join WorldNetDaily as a weekly columnist. Since then, his column has become the hottest syndicated property in the newspaper business, his book zoomed to No. 1 on the New York Times best-seller list and his show on Fox propelled to the No. 1 spot among cable news networks.

That’s synergy.

Camille, I think you’ve got something to say — something our readers would appreciate. And, Camille, we’ve got more actual readers than — despite its massive and lavish marketing campaigns. In fact, we have more actual readers than claims to have.

Maybe you think this is an unconventional way to approach you about a business opportunity. Well, yes it is. I admit it. But WorldNetDaily is an unconventional news and commentary site.

Now, Camille, I’ve got to warn you — we ask columnists to work a little harder here at WorldNetDaily than the editorial and marketing geniuses at do — or did. You will be expected to write at least once a week, not every two weeks. Those are the rules. But there’s a reason for them.

WorldNetDaily is habit-forming. It’s a healthy addiction. And, to feed that habit, we believe regular columnists must appear at least once a week. No one thinks like this: “Gee, it’s the second Tuesday of the month, I have to check in to see what Camille Paglia has to say in” No ma’am. It doesn’t work like that.

I have to be honest with you, Camille. Even though I love your writing, I seldom find myself traveling to to read you because I can never remember when your column appears. That’s a problem for — one of many for the overfed, under-read site. But it’s not a problem we have at WorldNetDaily.

We’re lean and mean, and we work hard. And when the dust settles after the big shakeout, WorldNetDaily will still be here — probably stronger and bigger than ever.

So, what do you say, Camille? Do you want to help us make journalistic history? Do you want to be part of this grand New Media experiment?

I want you where you belong — here at WorldNetDaily where you can challenge our readers and be challenged right back by the most diverse and intelligent group of readers on the Internet.


Joseph Farah

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