Millions of Americans are scrambling today to meet the Internal Revenue Service’s deadline for filing tax returns.

Think about that.

Think about the millions of hours of productive time these forms waste.

Think about the outrageous intrusion into the personal affairs of Americans these rules cause.

Think about the inherent unfairness of a tax system that applies different standards to different people based on their income.

Think about the government’s unspoken threat of force and violence that accompanies this process.

Think about how little Americans have to say about the tax system.

Think about how government wastes, misuses and illegally redistributes the revenues it collects.

Think about how the system confiscates your wealth before you even see it — by forcing employers to do government’s dirty work.

Think about how some people are forced to pay up to 45 percent of their income to government.

Think about how little Americans know — or could possibly know — about a tax code written by lawyers for lawyers and encompassing thousands of pages that few could digest in a lifetime of study.

Think about how close to 50 percent of the American people have been dropped completely from the tax rolls, while the other half is forced into indentured servitude.

Think about how our confiscatory tax system has forced millions of homes to send both parents into the workplace and turn their kids over to be wards of the state schools and MTV.

Think about how Americans are conditioned to accept all this — accept it blindly, like sheep led to slaughter.

I’d like to get Americans thinking about all this — not just today, but every day.

It’s way past time for Americans to wake up, rise up and say “No more. Enough is enough. We demand our government back.”

Our Founding Fathers fought a war for independence more than 200 years ago over grievances far less threatening to individual freedom and self-government than those Americans face today.

It’s time for a new declaration of independence. It’s time for rebellion. It’s time, frankly, for revolution.

You may say, “Farah, there just aren’t enough Americans as angry as you are about this injustice, this servitude to government, this slavery. Americans are too comfortable, with their two televisions and two cars in the garage. They are not going to rise up angry and take their government back any time soon.”

You might be right. But, then again, I recall that the patriot movement in 1776 was a minority cause. There were far more colonists who thought life under British tyranny was more than tolerable.

As I’ve said before — especially this month — being informed is the first step to achieving and maintaining freedom. Only an educated and moral people can aspire to be free. And that brings me, once again, to this month’s issue of WorldNet magazine — our offline monthly companion to

Some people are fighting back — not just protecting themselves by careful financial and tax planning — but by actually grappling with the government directly, in an effort to overturn the entire system.

WorldNetDaily’s monthly print magazine, WorldNet, is presenting one of the most important editions it has ever produced. The April issue is entirely devoted to an in-depth, critical analysis of the various arguments income-tax opponents are using to challenge the IRS and the 16th Amendment. The issue is titled, “TAX REVOLT: How Americans are challenging the IRS and the 16th Amendment.”

What’s different about this product?

Virtually everything else that is available on this subject is either one-sided activist argumentation or establishment propaganda based on IRS press releases. WorldNet’s groundbreaking report is neither. Perhaps for the first time, here is an in-depth, critical, journalistic examination of the income tax, the 16th Amendment, the IRS and the legal strategies employed by those fighting “the system.”

Tremendous effort and research have gone into this issue of WorldNet. In addition to the fine work of our investigative reporting team, we also have exclusive articles by Ambassador Alan Keyes and Rep. Ron Paul rounding out the line-up. This issue is simply the best “special report” you will ever read on the income tax and those challenging it. No punches are pulled.

WorldNet is published monthly by, and each issue aims at covering in a definitive way a major “big-picture” topic of interest. March’s cover story, for instance, was “The Fed: How your money — and life — are controlled by America’s banking system.” May’s issue will feature an unprecedented insider look at the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. Upcoming issues will also include in-depth, groundbreaking reports on government spending, evolution, vaccines, the deliberate dumbing down of America’s public schools, the “drug war,” the persecution of Christians in the U.S., and more.

Some of my colleagues suggest Americans don’t want to read these kinds of reports. They say you only want to be entertained. They say you’re complacent. They say you don’t want change. They say you don’t care about what is right and wrong.

I’m betting they’re wrong. I think there is a growing resistance to tyranny. I’m counting on you to make this issue, this magazine and this kind of reporting a success in the marketplace. I’m hoping that reports like this one will not only help inform the American people, but will light the fuse to a new revolutionary spirit in this country — one that will help us all throw off our shackles and rekindle liberty’s fire.

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