WorldNet magazine, the popular monthly print publication of, is changing its name, and to do so its editors are enlisting the help of readers in a special new WND forum.

“The name change is necessary,” said Editor and CEO Joseph Farah, “because with the rapid growth of both the website and the magazine, some confusion over names – and WorldNet – is occurring. We can easily remedy that by finding this extraordinary publication a unique name of its own.”

Since March, WorldNet magazine has experienced explosive growth in both subscriptions and single-copy sales, following WND editors’ decision to fill a major journalistic void by focusing on critical but mostly ignored “big-issue topics.”

What kind of topics? March zeroed in on the Federal Reserve System; April on the IRS, the income tax and the 16th Amendment; May exposes the IMF and the World Bank perhaps like never before.

June will feature a dazzling expose of government spending by Washington bureau chief Paul Sperry; and July will present a probing exploration of evolution vs. intelligent design. Other upcoming issues include: the drug war, the deliberate dumbing down of America’s public schools; the marginalization and persecution of Christians in America; abortion – the real story; what’s behind radical environmentalism; multiculturalism; secret societies and hidden agendas; guns in America, and much more.

The reader who first submits the entry that ultimately becomes the new name for WorldNet magazine will win a free one-year subscription (or renewal) to WorldNet, as well as a WorldNetDaily T-shirt and a WorldNetDaily mug.

“We’re open to all suggestions,” said Managing Editor David Kupelian. “But it would be great for the magazine’s name to reflect, in some way, its content – which, as a rule, is insightful and power-packed.”

Go to our special forum: “Rename WorldNet Magazine”

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