Does it really surprise you? I mean really? It shouldn’t, because we live in a time of the politically correct, a time of diversity, a time of feeling good and self-esteem.

It’s also a time when a gay man who adopted a child with his male partner boasted that he got his child’s school to stop celebrating Mother’s Day. He didn’t get what he wanted quietly. He got it and boasted about it! Do you sense there is a little more going on here than just a heartfelt need to protect his child? I do. This man has an agenda.

Actually, far more is going on than you might realize at face value.

The story made the headlines just a week before Mother’s Day and the New York Post headlined it. It became fodder for talk shows and other commentators.

The au courant nodded somberly, agreeing with the decision of the school to drop Mother’s Day as part of the school year whether for writing exercises or art projects or just doing something nice for mommy.

The traditionalists seethed with outrage that the opinion of a minority of parents in the school would have such an impact.

In fact, it wasn’t only Mother’s Day that disappeared from the celebration calendar of the Rodeph Sholom Day School in Manhattan but Father’s Day was also unceremoniously dumped.

Parents found out about the policy change from a note sent home with the students. It was from Cindi Samson, director of the lower elementary division of the school. According to the New York Post, the note explained that celebration of the two holidays had no educational merit and that since there are so many different kinds of families represented among the children, the emotional health of the kids must be given great consideration. After all, Ms. Samson is quoted as saying, “recognition of these holidays in a social setting may not be a positive experience for all children.” Awwwww.

Think about it. On the surface, she is saying is that unless everything the school does with the children is a positive experience for all the children, it won’t be done. Really?

What about the children who want notice of Mother’s Day and Father’s Day during the school year? Don’t their desires matter? What about the negative experience of ignoring such days? Clearly, there is a major double standard here, and it isn’t surprising.

The gay agenda is rearing its head again, and it appears that the school is frightened to its expensive boots that it will be accused of gay bias or sexual bias or some other newly coined “crime.”

Not only would the publicity be bad for the school, but it might have an impact on its income. Clearly when tuition at the Upper West Side school starts at $15 thousand a year for 2-year-olds up to almost $20 thousand a year through 6th grade, losing a few irate families could put quite a dent in the budget.

On the other hand, what about the possibility of losing the traditional families? They don’t seem to care about that. Perhaps this is why. A line in the Post story was more than telling about how cowed the people have become; most parents interviewed refused to give their names and were afraid to speak out publicly because they were concerned about adverse effects on their children. In other words, it would be dangerous to object to this foolish policy change because of potential retribution.

What does that tell you about the school, which is by the way affiliated with a Reform Jewish Synagogue. So much for the benefits of a religious school. What’s interesting is that the school will allow the two holidays to be celebrated by 2- and 3-year-olds, but older than that, forget it. Go figure.

It’s a sad example of a total loss of parental common sense. It’s a sad example of minority opinions steamrolling everyone. It’s a sad example of our children being taught that everything they do must make them feel comfortable, and if it doesn’t, then things must change to accommodate them. Real life doesn’t work that way no matter what the special interests and stupid parents and school administrators do or say.

You might think this is a tempest in a teapot — after all, it’s just a small school for the kids of people with too much money and too little sense. Maybe. But the reality is that what happened in this school is reflective of what is going on in schools across the country and not necessarily with Mother’s Day. Christmas and Easter are gone.

What is going on is a subtle diminution of traditional values. There’s a concerted attempt on every grade level, in every subject matter area, in virtually every aspect of education to minimize the traditional and emphasize that every variation of lifestyle is normal, acceptable and desirable. Whether this deals with homosexuality or anything else, the variations are being forced on everyone with the implicit threat that if you don’t accept them you are a homophobe, a racist, or worse — whatever that might be.

Add to this society’s general devaluing of the role and importance of mothers (and fathers) in the rearing of children and you have an overall view of a plan to destroy the foundation of families. What better way than to eliminate and denigrate in the eyes of young children the need to honor and recognize the traditional value of parents?

Mom, you need all the support and courage you can get. Happy Mother’s Day.

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