Despite an avalanche of information showing the FBI mishandled the investigation into the Oklahoma City bombing — even withholding reams of evidence from Timothy McVeigh’s defense team — the federal government seems determined to execute the convicted bomber next month.

This is a mistake. This is a miscarriage of justice. This is a rush to bury the evidence of government’s complicity, negligence or incompetence in the deaths of 168 Americans.

It is obvious on the basis of recent revelations in WorldNetDaily that almost everything we’ve been told by government about the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City April 19, 1995, is a lie or a half-truth.

Permanently silencing McVeigh, without obtaining his cooperation about others involved in the conspiracy, is unacceptable. Let McVeigh sit on death row as long as necessary. Executing him now will only serve to bring a false sense of closure to a case that is as far from being solved as it was six years ago.

Am I some bleeding heart trying to prevent McVeigh from judgment day? Hardly. I believe he deserves to die, but I don’t want others involved in this heinous crime — the worst terrorist assault on American soil ever — to get away scot-free.

Earlier this month, I wrote a column raising some of the unanswered questions about this case. They are still unanswered, though we are learning more every day thanks to some intrepid, long-overdue investigative reporting work. But let’s go over the key questions once again:

  • What was the role of Andy Strassmeir in the bombing? Strassmeir was closely associated with McVeigh in the underworld of neo-Nazi activity and terrorist plans, according to witnesses, including a government informant. Why was he never questioned in the case while some 20,000 other people were? Strassmeir’s father is Gunther Strassmeir, Helmut Kohl’s secretary of state, a man known as the “architect of German reunification.” The younger Strassmeir received military intelligence training at Bundeswehr Academy in Hanover. He’s now back in Germany, reportedly living with his parents.

  • The Murrah Building was the local home of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. Why is it that — coincidentally — most of the ATF’s employees didn’t show up for work the morning of the bombing? Every ATF member survived the attack. It’s a stretch to believe someone wasn’t tipped off about the bombing.

  • Why were the reports about a planned bombing of a federal building in Oklahoma on April 19, 1995, by ATF informant Carol Howe ignored? Why have the links she drew between Strassmeir and McVeigh been discredited?

  • Why did the FBI report on the day of the bombing that two other explosive devices were found in the building? What happened to those “sophisticated devices” that were larger than the one that went off?

  • And how did the truck bomb create a pattern of devastation unexplainable from its position in front of the building?

  • How does the government explain other witnesses who report seeing bomb squad activity at the Murrah building an hour or more before the blast?

Many more questions will be raised in the coming weeks — I promise you. Because this story has emerged as perhaps the most important story in the world in recent weeks, WorldNetDaily is pulling out all the stops to provide comprehensive coverage of the latest developments — as well as some old news obscured in the rush to point fingers of blame at only McVeigh and Terry Nichols.

The stonewalling must end. The government cover-up must stop. It’s time for a real investigation involving none of the FBI agents whose vested interest is protecting their own butts.

As I said before, the right thing to do is to make McVeigh talk. He should be forced to come clean. He owes that much to the survivors of this tragedy. And so does the government. But even if McVeigh doesn’t talk, he must be kept alive until all the facts are in.

And, more importantly, the government should be made to answer the questions it has been dodging for too long. The victims deserve the truth. The survivors deserve the truth. The American people deserve the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Visit WND’s Oklahoma City Bombing page.

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