Editor’s note: The following column contains content of a sexual nature that some readers may find objectionable.

Before Adolph could carry out his World War II eugenics program, he and his buddies in science, art and education had to destroy the authority of the old-fashioned Catholic and Lutheran parental majority over their children.

Not a problem.

The National Socialist Teachers Union led by homosexually-dominated storm troopers would conquer the territory of children’s minds in their schools and youth groups, creating an obedient Nazi army. Now the NEA’s American version of “The Hitler Youth” comes a’ goose-stepping into our local schools.

As in literate Germany – and the less literate communist nations – sexual subversion educators have infiltrated our universities and schools for over five decades. The NEA’s plan to mandate ‘deviance’ from kindergarten to high-school graduation, compels all children to be sexually trained by folks who are – by objective definition – “harmful to minors.”

The NEA training program – under the guise of programs that promote a safe and inclusive environment – force feeds parent-child hostility into the lives of children battling an already morally bankrupt adult society. What is the NEA financial package for parents nursing their boys and girls dying of AIDS and sundry other deviancy-associated medical ills following their misguided sex programs?

The NEA resolution fraudulently claims that there are genetically created groups of “gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and questioning children.” Their only scientifically correct statement is that children are born “questioning.”

The idea that children are born non-heterosexual is as unproven as the idea that children are born fascists, communists, republicans or democrats. Survival of the fittest? Darwin would laugh at that one.

The NEA and their disciples “defraud the government” by soliciting and using tax funds to give schoolchildren bogus data, “harmful to minors.” Is there a real attorney general out there ready to take this to court?

The NEA says there are “complex and diverse needs” faced by the children the NEA has now falsely sexually labeled, and that schools must offer them “programs that promote a safe and inclusive environment.”

Does this mean the NEA wants a national crackdown on the men responsible for 64 percent of our “forcible sodomy” victims who are now boys under 12-years-of-age? Does the NEA demand life or capital punishment for those sexually assaulting at least 17 percent of our boys under 18 years of age?

Are NEA “curriculum and instructional materials and programs designed to meet the needs” of children or the needs of “gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender” teacher “role models” and “consultants”?

Absurd? Well, the NEA demands “involvement of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender educators … as role models … in developing educational material … culture and history … used in classroom instructions.”

Beg your pardon, dear reader, but recall my earlier columns documenting 254 words for “child” among the 12,000 published words in the premiere homosexual dictionary, “The Queens’ Vernacular”?

I reported “QV” words like, “Youth Worker, Chicken: a young recruit; any boy under the age of consent, heterosexual, fair of face and unfamiliar with homosexuality.” What of, “freshly killed” as “introduced to (anal sodomy).” The “QV” example is, “See how bowlegged that chicken walks – looks like he was freshly killed in the hayloft.” Not kind. No. Not loving.

Remember, “pluck some feathers; rip off a drum stick; skin some chicken, puppy flesh, butchered chicken, peeper, lifesaver, missy, young stuff, sweet thing, fried chicken; peep-peep, babette, fragile number, quail, tail, pup; rip off a drumstick, chicken fresh,” etc?

And these were just some of “The Reisman & Johnson Partner Solicitation” data comparing two premiere magazines: The Washingtonian (heterosexual) to The Advocate (homosexual). The latter had a hierarchy of five thematic word classifications: 1) sex with boys, 2) sodomy, 3) phallic size; 4) prostitution and 5) sadism.

Some ask if NEA “educators” hate children? As “sexperts” they would be fully aware that children’s “suicide rate, and health risk behaviors” will increase exponentially as they enter en masse into homosexual adult “organizations.” Still, critics note that NEA power increases as children die following the implementation of their aberrant sex programs.

Others argue that the “QV” language is, in itself, enough evidence of the closeted “curriculum and instructional materials and programs designed to meet the needs” of deviant NEA designated instructors – putting all exposed children at-risk. Others ask, what percentage of the eager NEA “counselors” are really “Poultry dealers,” defined by the “QV” as a man “who pimps boys to interested homosexuals”?

This puts a whole new slant on the warning “don’t let the fox guard the chicken coop.”

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