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Open letter to President Bush

President Bush:

I hereby notify you that I will be changing my political affiliation from the Republican Party to the Constitution Party this coming week. It is clear that as both a fiscal and social conservative, the Republican Party no longer represents the decency, honesty, integrity and intelligence that I desire and expect from those who represent me and my family in Washington and elsewhere.

This evolving, difficult decision has been finalized by the precipitous actions of Attorney General John Ashcroft. Though I have served as an elected member of my Republican county central committee twice over the years, no more. It is clear that Mr. Ashcroft is more interested in sweeping the criminal activities of the FBI under the rug than in cleaning the rats out of his house. Why else ramrod through McVeigh’s execution? Why else not release the videotapes of the OKC blast area? Why else hide the FBI’s outrageous conduct in the TWA Flight 800 investigation? Why else not tell the truth about Waco and Ruby Ridge?

And who knows what else these miscreants masquerading as law enforcement officers have done?

Perhaps Ashcroft thinks that were he to tell the entire truth that we, the people, might no longer have confidence in the FBI, that we couldn’t handle the truth. Well, read my lips, Mr. President – and here’s a big clue: A large and rapidly growing number of people already no longer have confidence in the FBI. Indeed, we do not have confidence in you or our government in general. Why? Because, like your predecessor, you are unwilling to tell the people of the United States what they rightfully are due to know – the truth.

The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. So help you God!

I had hoped it would be otherwise with you. I love the United States and all that it stands for in our founding documents. But even there, Mr. President, our government continues to lie to us and abuse us. Why else do you allow the myth to persist that the 16th Amendment was legally ratified? Why else do you allow the federal government to brazenly ignore states’ rights, guaranteed in the 10th Amendment?

You remember that oath you took – something about preserving, protecting and defending the Constitution from all enemies, both foreign and domestic, wasn’t it? You do remember that, don’t you, Mr. President?

I am done with this happy-face sewer of lies that Washington has become. As a citizen of these United States, I assert my right to choose my representatives on principle instead of the vain hope and political strategy that Republicans are the lesser of two evils. Any political party that abuses its citizens for praying at national monuments, supports the candidacy of politicians who acquiesce to the murder of unborn children and allows the illegal and corrupt I.R.S. to continue to exist is not one that I want to be a part of.

There has got to be a better way. There is a better way. If you and your cronies won’t change things, then I will – even if I stand alone in doing so.

I will encourage everyone that I can to go learn what the Constitution Party stands for and against. It is time for a change. A necessary change. A big change.

A real change.