To the Leadership of the Republican Party:

There is a timeless saying that goes, “If you stand for nothing, you’ll fall for anything.” Perhaps at no other time in the history of the GOP is this quote more appropriate than now.

As traitorous members of the party jump ship – Sen. Jim Jeffords of Vermont has already done this and Sen. Lincoln Chafee of Rhode Island is threatening to do so – the leadership, I believe, is again being tempted to make some decisions about issues that go against better judgment, the party’s small-government platform and the GOP’s core conservatism, just to keep from losing more congressional seats.

That’s a mistake – and furthermore, it is a mistake the GOP keeps making. In fact, the more often the party makes this mistake, the more members and loyalists it loses. Why can’t you people see that?

Is it because too few of the leadership actually get out into the “Hinterland” of America and listen to Republican constituents? Is it because it is too easy to take a poll from an aide and try to interpret what it means, rather than go find out for yourself by doing a little legwork?

Is it because you are too trusting of “moderate” apologists like Arianna Huffington and are simply incapable of recalling the reasons why the party was formed in the first place?

I don’t know the answers to these questions, but gauging from the actions of the GOP over the past several years, it’s obvious the leadership doesn’t know, either.

The GOP needs to, first and foremost, get one thing straight. Democrats don’t like you. They will never like you. And they will always do whatever they can to defeat you or, barring that, marginalize you. By succumbing to their lure of “bipartisanship,” you have become a party that stands for nothing but falls for anything and everything your enemies lay before you.

I realize conservatives have a tough time getting their message out to the American people. I know, for example, that roughly 85 percent of the people in my industry, the media, are against you, your principles, your stances on the issues, and your overall vision of smaller, less intrusive federal government.

I know, too, that in order to get legislation passed, you have to have a majority in both Houses – greater than you have now. And I know that it helps to have a conservative Republican president waiting in the wings to sign your bills.

But I also know that simply attaining congressional majorities or avenues of expression for the party’s ideals is worthless if that majority and those ideals even remotely mirror those of your major opposition. And quite frankly, these days the Republicans more and more look like the alleged liberal opponents.

I personally believe it is better to fight and lose a war of ideals than to have never waged the battle and risked victory. If the GOP could adopt – then stick to – the same principle, I’ve no doubt our largely conservative nation would flock to the party in droves.

Study after study, analysis after analysis, has shown that most Americans favor dramatically lower taxes, dramatically fewer federal bureaucracies, dramatically more personal freedom, dramatically better educational choices, and far more economic control over their own lives and businesses.

The GOP used to stand for all of these things. But now, it stands for them only when they are convenient.

By contrast, the Democrats have always touted larger, more intrusive and more expensive federal government. They favor high taxes, expensive and expansive social programs, total education control, federally controlled business practices, and less personal freedom.

Far too many Republican lawmakers agree with or, at least, agree to these leftist ideals. Far too many Republican lawmakers fear the word “extremist” more than they fear an armed criminal, it seems, based on several GOP-favored gun control laws.

Personally, I’m sick of it. Sick of the hypocrisy, sick of the abuse of my trust and my vote, and sick of the compromise.

This country is in a social, cultural and ideological war, in case you people leading this party haven’t realized. Every time the GOP compromises with leftist Democrats seeking to transform America from a bastion of individualism into a communistic, collectivist hellhole, you further that process.

I won’t be a part of it anymore, if the GOP no longer has the guts, vision, bravery or strength to truly be the leading opposition party in this country.

I don’t give a damn – and neither do most of your conservative core constituents – if ingrates like Jim Jeffords, Lincoln Chaffee and John McCain leave, or want to leave, the party. I say let them go. In fact, I say tell them to go. They are obviously not Republicans, and the party obviously is better off without them.

But if the leadership would revisit its core small government roots, I have no doubt that the ingrates would be replaced in upcoming elections by true party members whose constituents share the same constitutional vision.

You see, it’s not just about being in power. It’s about doing something with that power when you get it. It’s about living up to the promises you made in seeking that power.

But throughout the last decade, the Republican Party hasn’t done jack with its power. And now, because it seeks more “bipartisanship” than principle, the GOP is losing its base again, destined, perhaps, to spend the next 40 years as the minority party in Congress – just as it did throughout the ’50s, ’60s, ’70s and ’80s.

Does the leadership want this to happen? Because it is behaving like it does.

Core Republican conservatives don’t want to compromise with leftists. We don’t want smaller versions of enlarged federal budgets; we want smaller federal budgets and, therefore, a reduced need by the federal government of our hard-earned dollars.

We don’t want “public school reform”; we want the absolute and well-deserved power to choose when, where, and how our kids will be educated. We don’t want “responsible gun control”; we want no “gun control” because the Constitution prohibits it. We don’t want tax cuts in ten years; we want them now because we know we deserve them now.

We don’t want some round-bottomed bureaucrat in D.C. telling our farmers they can’t plow their own land because some snail was found there. We don’t want our country’s heroes trashed and demonized just because they weren’t minorities. We don’t want our heritage and history “revised” out of existence just because it may “offend” someone.

We don’t want our party agreeing with those who forbid us to pray whenever and wherever we choose. And we’re tired of our party looking the other way as tens of thousands of unborn babies are murdered each and every year.

In short, we don’t want any more promises. We want some blessed action. We want leaders for our party that revel in “extremism,” that thrive in the conflict of ideals, that excel at enunciating our vision, and have the guts to unabashedly proclaim our beliefs – small government, personal freedom, responsibility and self-motivation.

If the GOP cannot stomach this fight which is, literally, for the future of our nation, then we’ll find a party that can. I’ll volunteer to lead the exodus. And for the record, I will never join the Democrats; they stand for nothing I stand for.

This is our message – nay, our ultimatum. So far, the leadership of the Republican Party has been incapable of, or too afraid to, hear this. But here is your wake-up call.

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