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Global 100 shuts down

Global100.com, an Internet rating service that ranks websites according to popularity, announced it has suspended operation.

WorldNetDaily was just shy of 100 weeks at the No. 1 spot when Global100 shut down. Officially, WND remained in the top slot for an unprecedented 94 weeks.

The Global100.com weekly poll, participated in by Internet surfers worldwide, measured popularity and reader loyalty. Founded in 1993 by software engineer Jurgen Appelo of The Netherlands, the service began as WorldCharts.com — a weekly, global top-100 list on the most popular PC games. Game players from around the globe became loyal voters in the poll, and within a year the chart had established itself as one of the most important “what’s hot” guides for publishers and gamers all over the world.

Several years later, activities expanded to include weekly and monthly charts for several other entertainment industries, like music, movies and news. It was the latter category that WND dominated for nearly 2 years.

Appelo eventually expanded his venture to include a software service known as Radical Feedback, which enables websites to create charts and other ways to interact with visitors. Under his new company called Millidan, Appelo changed WorldCharts to Global100.com.

Based in Rotterdam, Millidan has decided to shut Global100 down since “we found it impossible to make enough money with the site to pay for the costs. Cash (and our time) have simply dried up,” he told WND.

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