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Experience live chat
like never before

WorldNetDaily today launches an advanced live chat center utilizing both voice and text and including animated “avatars” to represent participants, announced Joseph Farah, editor and chief executive officer of the world’s leading independent newssite.

“This technology represents a real breakthrough in live chat,” said Farah. “This is not only fun to use, it is truly useful and has applications well beyond Net community building.”

The new program, always accessible through a “Live Chat” button in the left-hand sidebar of WorldNetDaily’s main pages, was developed by
ClearDialog, an applications service provider, or ASP, pioneering the evolution of human interaction over the Internet. ClearDialog provides live voice conferencing systems with customized background themes and avatar characters as well as other group collaboration services.

No download is required to use the technology. All you need to particpate is a PC with a soundcard, speakers and microphone or a headset.