It’s a cheap XXX movie – a sizzling, scintillating, scummy novel complete with power, betrayal, sex, mystery, crime, passion and maybe even murder. It’s the shameful story of Rep. Gary Condit, D-Calif., and his sexual transgressions with missing intern Chandra Levy. It’s as sick and barbaric as it gets – an older, powerful congressman takes advantage of a young woman, then hides what he knows when she mysteriously disappears. Her family fears she is dead.

The expected secondary characters in this Washington, D.C.-set film are the radical political activists frequently seen protesting in the streets – the screaming, coat-hanger waving, angry feminists who deem themselves as the great moral crusaders on behalf of oppressed women. Yet, in this story, the feminist players are also strangely missing.

The slick, good-looking, married, well-clothed and well coiffed United States congressman doubles as a sex-crazed, womanizing, leather-clad, “studly” biker on the prowl for women he can control. But the feminists are silent. He exemplifies the type of character that would steal the breath away from a young, starry eyed, beautiful intern – but did he also literally steal her breath? Thanks to his ludicrous and selfish efforts to hide his sins, we may never know. The congressman thwarted the investigation, withheld information critical to the success of a missing person’s case, lied to the police, sent them down the wrong trail and broke the law.

Is Chandra still alive? We don’t know. But we do know this: If Chandra was alive in those first few days, Gary Condit could have assisted in the efforts to find her before the ultimate harm was done. If a cold body is found instead of a vivacious young woman, and if it is determined that she was killed some time after her disappearance, then Congressman Condit should face serious criminal charges relating to her death.

But what to do with such a scoundrel in the meantime?

How about congressional expulsion, charges of perjury, arrest for thwarting an investigation and a demand by women’s organizations for his immediate resignation? Where is the National Organization for Women when a powerless, voiceless victim needs them? They are in hiding. They are silent. Just like they were when Kathleen Willey was victimized by their hero, President Clinton. Just like they were when another starry-eyed intern was caught in the insidious trap set for her by the same sex-crazed president.

The silence of these radical feminist organizations exposes them as the hypocrites they are and betrays the women who “bought into” their false moral crusades of equal protection. NOW’s all-too-familiar rhetoric (carefully crafted to gain public support) of equality and dignity for women belies the true core of its purpose. But the silence has stripped NOW and its leaders of fluffy sheep’s clothing. It’s obvious they aren’t for “women’s rights” – they exist only to further their extreme, feminist agenda:

  • Abortion on demand, for any reason, at any time, through the ninth month of pregnancy.
  • The destruction of all sexual morals and values.
  • Homosexual special privileges which redefine the family unit and force exposure to this aberrant behavior upon our children.

Above all else, they exist to further these three basic tenets of their faith. This agenda drives all they do. They have masqueraded as an organization which seeks to protect women from abuse. But just as they sold their souls for politics during the Clinton Crimes, they are again selling their souls during the Condit Crimes. And this time, instead of “merely” failing to support a victim of sexual assault, like Kathleen Willey, they are failing to support someone whose life may be in danger.

By their silence, they are supporting a despicable sexual predator who cares more about holding on to his doomed career than about the life of a young woman he once held in his arms. A young woman who had stars in her eyes, who was in love. A young woman he deceived into believing he would one day marry and have children with.

Although Chandra Levy is responsible for her own poor judgment and disgusting behavior, Congressman Condit is responsible for betraying his wife and children, preying on the hopes and desires of a young naive woman, lying to police, withholding crucial evidence, lying to his constituents and treating all women like sexual objects to be disposed of at will.

There’s no doubt that the longer Chandra remains missing, the less chance there is that she will be found alive. Even when death looms, the feminists betray her.

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